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With 45+ years of experience and a team of structural engineers, Thrasher Foundation Repair offers unparalleled foundation repair expertise, superior installation methods, and patented, industry-leading products and processes that set the standard for foundation repair companies everywhere.

We understand how the changing seasons, moisture levels, and temperatures can cause the soil to expand and contract, causing hydrostatic pressure to create stress on the foundation. Natural occurrences like erosion, tree growth, or new construction around the property can even accelerate this process. Ultimately, hydrostatic pressure and foundation settlement can lead to:

  • Heaving or sinking floors
  • Buckling and bowing walls
  • Floor and wall cracks
  • A leaky, flooded basement
  • Leaning Chimneys

Thrasher Foundation Repair can help with all your foundation repair needs. Schedule a free foundation repair estimate to learn more. We proudly serve Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Illinois and Colorado areas, including Omaha, Kansas City, Wichita, and nearby.

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Identifying & Repairing Foundation Problems

Do you have a leaky basement, a leaning chimney, floor and wall cracks, or other signs of structural damage? What may start as a small foundation crack or slight floor sagging can significantly worsen over time, creating more serious foundation issues that may be expensive to repair.

What caused my foundation problems?

The foundation inspection experts at Thrasher Foundation Repair know that diagnosing foundation problems early and accurately helps keep your home safe and eliminates issues before they get too severe. Some of these issues include:

Foundation cracks

Foundation Cracks

Foundation floor and wall cracks let moisture and foul odors into the below-grade space. Foundation cracks are also more than what appears on the surface. Floor or wall cracks that are close to 1/8 inches in width and continue to grow may indicate serious foundation problems.

Hydrostatic pressure

Hydrostatic Pressure

Seasonal and moisture changes can cause the load-bearing soils around your home to expand and contract, putting pressure on the foundation. Once too much pressure is applied, foundation walls bow, buckle, and tilt inward at the top or move inward at the bottom.

Bowing Walls

Bowing Walls

Tilting or bowing walls are signs of inward movement and potentially serious foundation problems.

Leaning Chimney

Leaning Chimneys

If you have a leaning or tilting chimney, cracks where the chimney and foundation meet, roof damage where flashing meets the chimney, or gaps between the chimney and the house, it can indicate that the home cannot support the weight of the chimney, signaling to foundation problems.

Foundation settlement

Foundation Settlement

Foundation cracks, sinking floors, or sticking windows or doors are signs of foundation settlement. When weak load-bearing soils cannot support the home, it can lead to house movement and foundation settlement. We permanently fix these issues by stabilizing the structure with foundation piers.

Identifying foundation problems

Other Foundation Problems

While no homeowner wants to deal with foundation problems, correctly identifying damage before issues become too severe limits the scope of repairs. Our team of experts carefully evaluates all aspects of your foundation, pinpointing problems accurately to provide permanent solutions tailored to your home.

Our Foundation Repair Approach

Thrasher Foundation Repair has over 45 years of experience providing high-quality, long-lasting foundation repair solutions throughout Nebraska, Western Iowa, Central & Western Kansas and Northwestern Missouri. With our team of experts and support from structural engineers, we design and install permanent solutions for all kinds of foundation problems. We use state-of-the-art materials, including maintenance-free carbon fiber strapping and other tried-and-true foundation repair methods honed over almost a half-century of foundation repair work.

Plus, unlike other foundation repair companies, we provide a customer-focused experience to assure you are happy with your service. That is why we offer a 25-year transferable warranty and satisfaction, efficiency, and property protection guarantees.

Are you tired of dealing with bowing walls, foundation cracks, or sinking floors? Contact Thrasher Foundation Repair to schedule an appointment that works with your schedule. We even provide same-day, no-obligation estimates with transparent pricing. We serve Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Illinois and Colorado areas, including Kansas City, Omaha, Wichita, Denver, Springfield, Sioux City, Peoria, Grand Island, Fort Madison, Lincoln, and nearby.

  • Sunken foundation repair: When your basement floors or walls are sinking, foundation settlement repair restores them to their original position and fixes any damage, strengthening your home's structural integrity. Sunken foundation repairs often require push piers or helical piers, which shift the weight of your home onto brackets and harden unstable underpinning soil with injections.
  • Foundation crack repair: Repairing foundation cracks will restore your home's structural integrity and provide basement waterproofing advantages, including preventing moisture, foul odors, and other infestations in your below-grade space. Wall anchors, braces, or carbon fiber straps are all solutions for wall cracks. Push piers or helical piers help to fix floor cracks. However, every foundation crack repair system is as unique as your home and the ground holding its footings.
  • Leaning chimney repair: A leaning chimney is one of the heaviest structures of your home and can lead to gaps in your siding or foundation, falling bricks, and, most dangerous of all, combustible gas leaks. While you may want to address this foundation problem quickly, you cannot repair a leaning chimney with a one-size-fits-all solution. Depending on the specifications of the chimney, the ground underneath, and its connection to the home, we apply foundation repair methods that will work for your unique situation - this includes foundation piers, smart jacks, and wall braces.
  • Street creep repair: As the seasons change, the pavement around your home expands and contracts, causing street creep or debris to fill the cracks in between the sidewalk, road, or driveway. While expansion joints normally absorb the change in pressure, street creep slowly creates a powerful force on your garage and foundation walls and floors. Installing new expansion joints and reinforcing walls with anchors can repair this street creep.

The Thrasher Difference

No matter the job - we aren't going to feel good about the hard work we've done until you're happy. We'll provide an experience so remarkable, you'll give us a five star review. That's the Thrasher promise.

For the last 45 years in the basement and foundation repair industry, we've focused on the value of doing whatever it takes to get the job done and "wow" our customers every step of the way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • A repair project generally takes less than a day to complete with the proper foundation inspection, trained experts, and the right equipment. Other foundation repairs call for minimal yard disturbance, like wall anchors or pier solutions, which require us to excavate a small surrounding area.

    Keep in mind, the more widespread foundation problems are, the larger the repair system required, taking extra time. Once the project is complete, the excavation will be covered as dirt is put back into place and landscaping restored.

  • A home requires a few elements to assure the basement stays dry, including:

    • Strong load-bearing soils that support the foundation and keep it in place
    • The house sits on a crown, so water flows away
    • Gutters and drainage systems that work properly

    But even if a home has all of these things, these systems can falter over time. To guarantee a dry basement all of the time, you will have to make sure all of these factors remain intact, requiring extra vigilance. Just keeping a close eye won't catch everything, such as changes to the soil alongside and beneath your home. However, proper drainage can go a long way to preventing these situations.

  • Sometimes the source of a leaky basement or basement flooding is obvious, like a clogged drain, wall cracks, or failing mortar between blocks that allows water to get in.

    However, knowing the full path and source of that water leak can take some detective work, requiring a trained expert and a thorough foundation inspection with moisture detection tools. The cold joint, where the basement wall meets the basement floor and creates a natural seam, is a frequent point of water intrusion. Hydrostatic pressure, water building in loose soils, can also force moisture through porous blocks, joints, and cracks.

  • Many minor cracks are visual and not indicative of structural damage. However, to identify cracks that might show significant foundation problems, you must look at the size and number of cracks. If cracks are more than 1/8 inch or span a large surface area, that is probably serious. If foundation cracks continue to grow over time, they're likely signals that the foundation giving way under pressure, which could become a severe foundation issue.

  • While drywall cracks sometimes come from seasonal changes in humidity, they may also be a sign of foundation problems. For example, foundation settlement leading to cracked concrete slabs often indicates that sagging walls are next and drywall is soon to follow. Uneven load-bearing soil can also cause the home to shift and sink, resulting in cracks forming on your interior walls.

  • There are several precautions to take when preparing for a basement finishing project.

    1. Eliminate moisture issues, including leaks, pooling water, condensation, or dampness gathering on walls or other surfaces.
    2. Make sure all of the basement walls are plumb (straight vertical) and the floor is flat horizontally. If either of these things are off, it could indicate foundation problems that we can repair before the basement finishing project starts.
    3. Get your basement checked for radon. If radon is detected, take radon mitigation steps before to assure your home is safe.

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Need affordable foundation repair payment options? We've got you covered.

Cracked foundations, leaky basements, and moldy crawl spaces are often serious problems homeowners should not ignore. If you feel you've put your repair project off long enough, financing can help you get it done now instead of later. It's not worth gambling with the investment you've made in your home!

Review financing options.

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For 30 years, Best of Omaha has given the Omaha community a chance to recognize local businesses.

Thrasher Foundation Repair has served the city of Omaha for 45+ years with trusted, professional foundation repair, basement waterproofing, concrete repair services, and more. Family-owned and operated, Thrasher is proud to make a difference in the Omaha community.