Concrete Repair Services Before & After Photos

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Concrete Repair and Leveling in Waynesville, MO

Robert L. is a proud homeowner in Waynesville, MO and wasn’t content with the appearance of the concrete around his property. The walkway leading to the front door wasn’t sealed properly, the front stoop had multiple cracks, and the driveway had large voids from the concrete settling. Robert was familiar with Thrasher’s reputation and dedication to providing a quality solution, so he gave us a call to come inspect his concrete.

To begin the project, System Design Specialist Miles Bearden arrived in Waynesville, MO to undergo a full inspection of the surrounding concrete. The customer opted to have us install our 2-part concrete protection system that consists of our PolyLevel foam and NexusPro sealer. PolyLevel is installed first by injecting it underneath the concrete to fill the voids and level-out the surface. NexusPro is then applied to all cracks and control joints to permanently prevent any water from entering and causing further damage.

Robert was pleased with the outcome of the project and gave Thrasher a five-star review. He was thrilled to have his concrete looking flush and protected in order to stand the test of time.

Concrete Repair Contractor in Springfield, MO

Tom is a homeowner in Springfield, MO, who was in need of some concrete repair. Interested in a long-term and permanent solution that would work, he decided to give Thrasher a call. When walking up to the home System Design Specialist Nick Rosenthal noticed that the walking path had become settled and uneven as well as the back patio. The crew started with installing CompressionGuard, lifting the sunken areas with PolyLevel, and then filling the voids with NexusPro Joint Sealant. Tom was pleased with the results. 

Concrete Repair in Springfield, MO

Jean is a homeowner in Springfield, MO that was struggling with her concrete. She previously had the area mud jacked but, it started to settle again. Looking for a long-term solution, System Design Specialist Nick Rosenthal went out to her home, three sections of the driveway sank. We started with installing a CompressionGuard that would help give the driveway room for expansion. Then the crew used PolyLevel to raise the slabs back up to level, sealed the joints with NexusPro Joint Sealant, and sealed the surface with SealantPro. 

Driveway Repair in Springfield, MO

Joanne W. is a homeowner in Springfield, MO, and has dealt with a damaged driveway for years. Over time, it continued to worsen through the changes in seasons, so she decided it was finally time to have it professionally repaired. She wasn’t familiar with Thrasher, but she gave us a call and our System Design Specialist, Zak Kruse, visited the home to explain our process and concrete repair solutions. From there, Joanne was sure that Thrasher was the company to restore her cracked and sunken driveway.

Thrasher crews arrived at the home in Springfield, MO, and began installing our 2-part concrete protection system that consists of PolyLevel and NexusPro products. PolyLevel was installed first by injecting the concrete lifting foam underneath to permanently level and stabilize the sunken slabs. The crew then applied NexusPro sealer to all cracks and control joints to prevent any water from breaching the surface far into the future.

Joanne couldn’t have been more impressed with her Thrasher experience and our products' effect on her driveway. It was a problem that had bothered her for years, and we were fortunate to be the company to restore her peace of mind.

Concrete Repair in Springfield, MO

Jeff in Springfield, MO wanted to repair the concrete in front of the garage. There had been some significant settlement and it created a large tripping hazard. He started doing some online research for concrete repair and was impressed by our work.

Our crew went out to Jeff’s home and was able to see that the driveway had a lot of cracking and was settling quite a bit. We lifted the concrete with PolyLevel and then closed the cracks and joints with NexusPro Crack Repair. Jeff was thrilled to never worry about tripping again!

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