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When a little water in the basement turned into flooding, Ben knew that a fan and dehumidifier wasn't going to do the job this time. When the Lueders family needed to reclaim their basement (and peace of mind), they called Thrasher Foundation Repair.
Lueders F. of Omaha, NE
Friday, March 19th
Radon awareness advocate and Omaha homeowner Laurie Staiert Westergaard shares her message about the importance of testing for radon, and what it was like working with Thrasher to install a mitigation system in her home.
Laurie S. of Omaha, NE
Friday, March 19th
Omaha homeowner Joe Sullivan shares details about his experience working with Thrasher to repair his concrete pool deck.
Joe S. of Omaha, NE
Friday, March 19th
Thrasher customer and Omaha homeowner, Bob Rosburg, shares his experience working with Thrasher to restore his home's value with a basement waterproofing system.
Bob R. of Omaha, NE
Friday, March 19th
Omaha homeowner Jay Donoho hired Thrasher to lift and level his concrete stairway and was blown away by the attention to detail and quality of work.
Jay D. of Omaha, NE
Friday, March 19th
Krystal Kosmicki, a Thrasher egress window customer from Eagle, NE, was kind enough to sit down with us for a few minutes and share her story.
Krystal K. of Eagle, NE
Friday, March 19th
Mrs. Mary Jo Fosnaugh, a Thrasher basement waterproofing and crawl space repair customer from Walton, NE, was kind enough to sit down with us for a few minutes and share a little about her experience with Thrasher.
Mary Jo F. of Walton, NE
Friday, March 19th
Dick Spearman of Lincoln, Nebraska trusts his Thrasher basement waterproofing system to keep his basement dry year after year.
Dick S. of Lincoln, NE
Friday, March 19th
I can't even begin to tell you how I feel about this day and how I felt when I saw your truck pull up to my house.  I have had over 8 years of nothing but torture with water running in my basement from rain, not to mention the fact that for the past 3 years I have not been able to leave my home in case it rained.  Today I know, because of Thrasher, that these problems are soon to be all behind me.  I will no longer have to worry about the rain and I will finally be able to leave my home over night and even go camping. A "thank you" is not enough to give you and the Thrasher crew.  I will tell everyone that has any kind of water problem to call you guys first.  I sure wish I had known about you guys.  I would not have had any of the problems. Thank you again and again and again!
Jan H. of Fort Dodge, IA
Very courteous and efficient.  The service tech was absolutely prepared had the necessary information, materials, tools as with all Thrasher employees.  You at Thrasher are the best!  Fully satisfied - NO WATER and even planning a vacation!  Have already referred many times and will continue to do so.
Jan H. of Fort Dodge, IA
Tuesday, June 20th
Mike Haye did an excellent job explaining the system and how it would be installed.  I contacted several people on the referral list to see how they liked the system and they all said it worked great.   The job was done on time, clean-up amazing, and I can't wait until it rains so I can the happy dance that we have NO MORE WATER!
Jean W. of Fort Dodge, IA
Your crew is a well-tuned machine!  They know their job and do it in a friendly, well-timely manner.  Very professional.  Would certainly recommend Thrasher to our friends that have any water problems in their basement.
Roy and Ann of Fort Dodge, IA
Our family had received service from you in the past and was very satisfied with your company.  Everyone was very professional.  They kept us well informed about what they were doing and if they needed to change the plans.  They covered up our belongings in the basement so they would not get dusty and they put down drop cloths to protect our carpet.  Very friendly crew!
Heidi L. of Fort Dodge, IA
Thrasher's professionalism is unmatched.  Your inspectors, installers and follow-up are impeccable.  The quality and efficiency of the work completed is unmatched by anyone in the construction/service industry. Thanks for your attention to details!
Randy K. of Humboldt, IA
Tuesday, January 17th
Great Crew!
Andy E. of Kansas City, MO
Wednesday, July 30th
Very professional and knowledgeable - Shane is definitely an asset to the company.  Shane is excellent at explaining and took the time to answer all questions.
Teresa S. of Clyde, MO
Tuesday, June 20th
Our foundation work was completed a day ahead of schedule with a minimum amount of disruption to our routine.The gentleman were very friendly, easy going and approachable. They were respectful of our home and made sure to provide us with an understanding of how the work was completed.
Steven Y. of Prairie Village, KS
Thursday, February 22nd
We thank you so much for the quick response to our problem. Josh did a fantastic job.  He is a great asset to your company and is representative of the great quality of people whom you have on your staff. I have been recommending your firm for many years (ever since the '93 mess in the Clarinda area). I have never heard a negative comment about the work that your firm does. The people who have contacted you after my recommendation have always been completely satisfied with your work.  That surely says a lot considering the poor service and sloppy work done by so many firms today. Again, we thank you!
Sue and Chuck S. of Bedford, IA
Tuesday, June 20th
Being in the business as long as you have been and doing everything well means a lot.  The people answering the phones were very friendly and sounded like they were smiling and happy to accommodate me in every way.  My sales rep-Brian T-was on time and explained to me about all my options to get on top of my problems. Never felt high pressure at any time which makes me back off quickly.  Well Done.
Dorothy S. of Bedford, IA
"Scheduling of work and appointment was very easy. [The salesperson's presentation] was excellent and he gave an explanation of the work and its purpose. [The crew] explained what they were doing/going to do. [Our] basement was as clean as it was when the crew started work. From the salesman to the crew, everyone was courteous and friendly. The crew worked extremely hard, even had 2 crews in the afternoon. Did our whole basement in less than 1 day. Excellent!"
Andy &. of Manson, IA
Tuesday, June 20th
From the saleman to the crew, everyone was courteous and friendly.  The crew worked extremely hard, even did the whole basement in one day.  Excellent!
Andy & Dawn H. of Manson, IA
Thrasher had done previous projects at our place that had left me very satisfied with their workmanship and professionalism.  I've had three projects completed now and would definitely recommend Thrasher.  
Julie G. of Manson, IA
Tuesday, June 20th
We had previous Thrasher projects done at our house, and we were very satisfied. Each project has been completed, well planned with hard workers and friendly people.
Julie G. of Manson, IA
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