Testimonials for Thrasher Foundation Repair

When a little water in the basement turned into flooding, Ben knew that a fan and dehumidifier wasn't going to do the job this time. When the Lueders family needed to reclaim their basement (and peace of mind), they called Thrasher Foundation Repair.
Lueders F. of Omaha, NE
Friday, March 19th
Radon awareness advocate and Omaha homeowner Laurie Staiert Westergaard shares her message about the importance of testing for radon, and what it was like working with Thrasher to install a mitigation system in her home.
Laurie S. of Omaha, NE
Friday, March 19th
Omaha homeowner Joe Sullivan shares details about his experience working with Thrasher to repair his concrete pool deck.
Joe S. of Omaha, NE
Friday, March 19th
Thrasher customer and Omaha homeowner, Bob Rosburg, shares his experience working with Thrasher to restore his home's value with a basement waterproofing system.
Bob R. of Omaha, NE
Friday, March 19th
Omaha homeowner Jay Donoho hired Thrasher to lift and level his concrete stairway and was blown away by the attention to detail and quality of work.
Jay D. of Omaha, NE
Friday, March 19th
Krystal Kosmicki, a Thrasher egress window customer from Eagle, NE, was kind enough to sit down with us for a few minutes and share her story.
Krystal K. of Eagle, NE
Friday, March 19th
Mrs. Mary Jo Fosnaugh, a Thrasher basement waterproofing and crawl space repair customer from Walton, NE, was kind enough to sit down with us for a few minutes and share a little about her experience with Thrasher.
Mary Jo F. of Walton, NE
Friday, March 19th
Dick Spearman of Lincoln, Nebraska trusts his Thrasher basement waterproofing system to keep his basement dry year after year.
Dick S. of Lincoln, NE
Friday, March 19th
It turned out great! I was so impressed with the warranties and I'm happy I don't have to worry about my cellar again. 
Robert P. of Lesterville, MO
Thursday, June 30th
I knew I needed to do something as quickly as possible as soon as I discovered the problem. We chose thrasher to fix the problem because we knew concrete supports didn't last. The concrete cinder blocks under the floor currently were starting to break and the floor was beginning to fall in. 
Terry D. of Boss, MO
Friday, April 22nd
Thank you, Thrasher! I can sleep better at night knowing that I can walk through this hallway on an even floor.
Gerald H. of Thayer, MO
Tuesday, June 22nd
Thrasher did an amazing job repairing our front steps! The crew did a great job at explaining all the options. Thank you for giving us peace of mind.  
Chris H. of Saint Robert, MO
Wednesday, August 18th
Testimonial Photo by Susan B.
Justice was very relatable and helped walk me through my options! 
Susan B. of Willow Springs, MO
Tuesday, June 7th
The crew was great! From the installation, to the clean-up, to the customer service, it was all such a great experience. 
Lisa J. of Waynesville, MO
Wednesday, June 16th
I have used Thrasher many times for projects within my home. Because of their reputation, I trust the work they do. 
Marybeth S. of Waterloo, IA
Tuesday, April 19th
We loved everything they did and can't wait to call them back to get more work scheduled! 
Shirley R. of Mountain Grove, MO
Tuesday, September 20th
On a scale of 0-10, I give you a 20! Nick and his crew did a great job. I never thought a driveway could look so good.
Mamie D. of Lake Ozark, MO
Friday, May 14th
I think the area was cleaner after the service had been completed than it was before they started! 
Donna J. of Cleveland, MO
Tuesday, September 20th
Testimonial Photo by Pam A.
I have used Thrasher for many projects. So it was a no-brainer when I needed help with wall support in my basement. 
Pam A. of Reinbeck, IA
Thursday, May 5th
I was happy with the process from the starting consultation, all the way through the installation. Everyone was professional, educated, and communicated fully!
Barbara H. of Lebanon, MO
Wednesday, October 27th
After careful research, I chose Thrasher based on their reputation. I also knew I could trust their products and services. 
Tom M. of Versailles, MO
Thursday, March 24th
Excited to get rid of that smell and control the moisture. Glad we found someone who can help us.
Orville K. of Gravois Mills, MO
Monday, April 26th
We had a previous company come out but their solution didn't do the trick. We knew this was a large project and we couldn't be more pleased with Thrasher. We love it so much!
Darrell N. of Marshfield, MO
Wednesday, June 16th
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