Crawl Space Repair Before & After Photos

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Crawl Space Support in Boss, MO

Crumbling concrete support blocks were endangering the floor and foundation of this home, and this homeowner needed a solution installed quickly. After performing a thorough inspection of the homes crawl space, we proposed our SmartJack system to restore stability to the home and lift the floors back to their original position. 

Sagging Crawlspace in Boss, MO

The current supports for this home are cinder blocks that are breaking and offer little to no support as the floor began to fall down. They called Thrasher to come out to replace the old support structures with new. We used a smart jack 350 system to stabilize the home and lift the failing floor back up to its original position. 




CrawlSpace Encapsulation in Willow Springs MO.

Susan was having issues with her crawlspace getting moisture in the area. Moisture in a crawlspace can cause further damage to the floor joints below, such as mold, rot, and beam failure. The crawlspace of your home must be protected to ensure there is no moisture getting in. This can affect your home above. 


For this project, CleanSpace was installed, which is a thick liner, like one in a pool. There was a drainage mat put underneath the CleanSpace, to ensure water and moisture can flow freely beneath the lining, and into the Sump Pump that was installed. A Sump Pump was put in, to help maintain a dry crawlspace, with the final product being a drain line, to help get the water out of the crawlspace. Susan can now rest easy that her crawlspace is protected from the elements. 

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Marshfield, MO

Susie is a homeowner in Marshfield, MO, and needed some help with her crawl space. The crew went out to her home and recommended encapsulating and giving the beams support. They started with the walls and encapsulated them with Clean Space to keep all of the moisture out. Then to offer the floor much-needed support they installed Smart Jacks with a new supplemental beam. 

Structural Support in Sedalia, MO

This homeowner was struggling because he just bought his home recently, and he noticed that the drywall was separating at the ceiling around his bathroom door. He was concerned that this would progressively get worse, so after seeing our help of his neighbor with a similar issue, he gave us a call.

We sent System Design Specialist Brandon Powers to inspect the support structure of the homeowner's crawl space because this is what often causes cracks in upstairs drywall. Brandon found that the upstairs floors were uneven and that was causing the issues of the drywall. The floors being uneven were due to the existing support structures in the home's crawl space were not functioning anymore. Brandon knew just what to do, so his team installed SmartJacks to permanently stabilize the floor and lift it back to its original position. They also installed a new TripleSafe Sump Pump so that there were no more issues with support beams failing.

The homeowner was happy that he would have a peace of mind about his new home. Check out his crawl space repair!

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