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Installation of EverBrace wall repair system by Thrasher Foundation Repair

Thrasher Foundation Repair efficiently installs long-lasting wall repair systems in Denver, Kansas City, and nearby.

Foundation problems can show up in a variety of ways. They can appear as wall cracks in block basements or poured concrete walls tipping inward from the top. You may also notice sagging or bouncy floors as a crawl space settles beneath them. Seemingly unrelated issues, such as sticking windows and doors or ceiling gaps, can also be signs of a settling foundation.

Even if your foundation walls haven't shown signs of failure, they could still need stabilization to prevent them from cracking or bowing in the future. In fact, if a neighbor has recently had their foundation repaired, it's a safe bet that the same soil that caused the problem could affect your foundation.

Thrasher offers a number of proven systems using our own patented technologies and trained experts to repair foundation walls. Contact us at 1-844-948-3306 or online to schedule a free, no-obligation foundation wall repair estimate in Nebraska, Western Iowa, Colorado, Central and Western Kansas, and Northwestern Missouri.

Foundation Wall Repair Solutions in Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri & Iowa

Working with an experienced, qualified foundation repair contractor is the best way to fix and prevent foundation problems. Since 49, Thrasher Foundation Repair has helped homeowners in the Midwest stabilize and repair damaged foundation walls.

You can count on our highly-trained professionals to thoroughly inspect your foundation, diagnose the problem, and determine the best repair option for your home. As part of the Supportworks network, we have access to state-of-the-art foundation wall repair solutions to fix and prevent problems caused by foundation settlement, poor drainage, inadequate supporting soils, and more.

Failing Foundation Wall Repair

Thrasher can permanently stabilize even the worst failing foundation walls and protect against future structural damage with the EverBrace™ Wall Restoration System.

Features & Benefits of the EverBrace™ System

  • Zinc-coated steel for optimal corrosion resistance
  • Minimal disruption and installation time compared to alternative foundation wall repair options
  • Easily concealed by drywall
  • Integrates with basement waterproofing systems
  • Suitable for fieldstone, clay block, and brick foundation walls

Leaking Foundation Wall Repair

Bowing or leaning foundation walls create cracks that allow moisture to leak through basement walls, leading to water damage and potentially severe structural problems. Thrasher offers a range of foundation leak repair solutions, including wall anchors, wall braces, and foundation piers.

Our Solutions for Leaking Foundation Walls

  • PowerBrace™ Foundation Brace
  • EverBrace™ Wall Restoration System
  • GeoLock® Foundation Wall Anchor System
  • Carbon Fiber Foundation Wall Straps
  • WallDefense™ Foundation Wall Brackets
  • Helical Foundation Piers
  • Foundation Push Piers

Bowing & Cracked Foundation Wall Repair

Pressure from moisture in expansive soils can cause foundation walls to bow and create cracks in the mortar joints between concrete blocks. This can lead to water leaks and damage, pest infestations, structural problems, poor indoor air quality, and more. Wall anchors, carbon fiber straps, and wall braces allow us to stabilize and straighten bowing foundation walls, preventing further damage and a potential wall collapse.

Our Solutions for Bowing & Cracked Foundation Walls

  • PowerBrace™ Foundation Brace
  • EverBrace™ Wall Restoration System
  • GeoLock® Foundation Wall Anchor System
  • Carbon Fiber Foundation Wall Straps
  • WallDefense™ Foundation Wall Brackets

Leaning Foundation Wall Repair

Poured concrete foundation walls are susceptible to leaning, normally toward the top where the soil can be looser. Leaning can also occur in masonry foundation walls, causing them to separate from the frame of the home. The method to fix a leaning foundation will depend on its cause and severity but may include carbon fiber wall straps, wall anchors, or foundation wall braces and beams.

Our Solutions for Leaning Foundation Walls

  • PowerBrace™ Foundation Brace
  • EverBrace™ Wall Restoration System
  • GeoLock® Foundation Wall Anchor System
  • Carbon Fiber Foundation Wall Straps
  • WallDefense™ Foundation Wall Brackets

Sagging Foundation Wall Repair

Sagging foundation walls are a sign of a sinking foundation or crawl space. This foundation problem is often accompanied by a sinking floor that will need new support from below. Thrasher Foundation Repair offers different wall repair solutions depending on the type of foundation and the severity of the problem. We may install steel piers to restore and stabilize the foundation or lift the basement floor back into place using a polyurethane foam injection.

Our Solutions for Sagging Foundation Walls

  • Helical Foundation Piers
  • Foundation Push Piers
  • PolyLevel® High-Density Polyurethane Foam
  • SmartJack® Crawl Space Support Jacks

Foundation Wall Anchor Systems

Wall anchor systems are one of the most common solutions to repair foundation walls that are tilting at the top, sliding inward, bowing, or buckling. Our GeoLock® Foundation Wall Anchor System is made of galvanized steel and prevents further inward movement by anchoring the foundation wall into stable, hard-packed soil beneath your home.

Features & Benefits of the GeoLock® System

  • Corrosion-resistant galvanized steel construction
  • Prevents further buckling, bowing, and cracking
  • Restores the foundation wall to its original position
  • Can be installed in about a day with minimal disruption to your property

Foundation Wall Brace & Beams

Thrasher's patented PowerBrace™ Foundation Wall Repair System is the perfect solution when there are obstructions or obstacles close to the foundation, such as trees, property lines, or sidewalks. Made of heavy-duty galvanized steel and coated with rust-resistant zinc, the PowerBrace™ system provides long-term stability and protection against corrosion.

Features & Benefits of the PowerBrace™ System

  • Straightens walls over time
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Quick and efficient installation
  • Won't disrupt lawn or landscaping
  • Less expensive than exterior excavation
  • Can be installed year-round

Carbon Fiber Wall Straps

Thrasher Foundation Repair uses the patented CarbonArmor® Wall Reinforcing System to stabilize foundation walls with minor cracks and bowing under two inches. The fabric-like carbon fiber wall straps easily conform to the interior basement wall to effectively stabilize and strengthen the foundation.

Features & Benefits of the CarbonArmor® System

  • Up to 10 times stronger than steel
  • Prevents further bowing
  • Unobtrusive installation
  • Low profile and easy to work around if you are finishing your basement or completing other interior work

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If your home has buckling, bowing, or cracked foundation walls, Thrasher Foundation Repair can help. We offer reliable, proven solutions to quickly and effectively stabilize your home's foundation and prevent future foundation problems. Call us at 1-844-948-3306 or complete the provided form today to schedule a free foundation wall repair estimate.

Thrasher Foundation Repair proudly offers foundation repair products and solutions throughout Nebraska, Colorado, Western Iowa, Central and Western Kansas, and Northwestern Missouri, including Lincoln, Omaha, Denver, Council Bluffs, Wichita, Kansas City, and nearby.

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