Top 5 Ways to Make Your Home Fall-Ready

Friday, October 9th, 2020 by Jay Liebenguth


Inspecting Windows


There is a long list of "To-Dos" that we could touch on, but for the busy homeowner on the go, here are the top five tasks that will help you enjoy a cozy, healthy season at home.


#1: Check your windows and doors for leaks and drafts


This can make all the difference in creating a cozy home once the temperature drops and helping you control your energy costs. Gaps in doors and windows could be a symptom of a settling foundation. Changing soil conditions can cause cracked, bowing foundation walls or heaving floors, creating openings for moisture and infestations, threatening the structural integrity of your home. Minor symptoms include windows or doors becoming jammed or misaligned, cracks forming in basement walls or a chimney starting to lean.

You can look for drafts yourself or get your home inspected by a professional, like Thrasher Foundation Repair. 


Dirty Gutters

#2: Inspect the roof and clean the gutters


Take a close look at the roof. See if there are any damaged shingles, leaves, or debris. Fix what you can, and clean your roof as much as possible. While you're up there, don't forget to clean the gutters. Failing gutters and downspouts can lead to ice jams and worsen in the winter months. Plus, there's never a good day when you have to get on the roof.


Thrasher now provides a gutter replacement system that can save you from climbing up tall ladders or falling off your roof. Let Thrasher provide you with a thorough FREE inspection of your current gutter system. This inspection includes gutters, gutter guards, and downspouts, along with looking at your foundation for any possible water intrusion. We deliver a same-day, no-obligation estimate with transparent pricing and a copy of our industry-leading warranty.


Heavy Rain Back Yard

#3: Check water drainage

Fall is wet and windy for many of us, so it's essential to make sure that rainwater downspouts are clear of obstructions and direct water away from your home's foundation, walkways, and driveways. A proper gutter installation prevents rainwater from spilling off the roof where it will saturate the surrounding soil. This water, combined with expansive clay soil, swells and forces foundation walls to bear excess pressure. Checking drainage and downspout issues is a part of the Thrasher inspection.

#4: Diagnose and assess your home's indoor environment

Most indoor air quality issues start (and stop) in your basement or crawl space. And, with respiratory problems on the rise, including complications due to asthma, allergies, and respiratory irritation, you need to do everything you can to safeguard your family's health.

The first question to ask yourself is, "Does our basement pass the sniff test?"

You know what we mean - the odor of must, mildew, and moisture. You can try to cover it up or ignore it, but it's always there - that unmistakable smell that comes from a humid basement or crawl space. If you have an unfinished basement, it is pretty easy to see if any wet or damp places could lead to mold and mildew growth. Likewise, a crawl space can be a likely contributor to the odor issue. Learn more here


Encapsulate crawl space

Crawl space repair is the perfect solution to help you save money on utility bills, avoid unnecessary repairs, and create a healthy living space in your home. With crawl space encapsulation, you will gain valuable space for storage and protect your home once we have sealed your crawl space with a durable vapor barrier.

#5: Get ready for snow and ice

It's coming. You know it is, so make sure your shovels and ice choppers are ready. Here's another tip that will save wear and tear on your concrete this season. Commercial "ice melt" can accelerate the breakdown of concrete on sidewalks and driveways. These de-icer products, which are heavy in chemicals such as sodium chloride, magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, or other elements, can cause corrosion within the layers of your concrete. It's better to use sand, light gravel, or cat litter to provide some traction. These alternatives won't melt ice completely, but you can use them with salt for the melting properties.

Whatever the season, Thrasher Foundation Repair is here to help homeowners reclaim their peace of mind. Thrasher offers a no-obligation, free inspection that comes with a same-day estimate of what it will take to fix. Use the link here to start today!