CleanSpace Crawl Space Encapsulation System

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CleanSpace is a hefty 20 mil thick liner - like a pool liner. It is manufactured in seven layers - a blend of high-density polyethylene for puncture resistance, low-density polyethylene for flexibility, and polyester cord reinforcement for brute tear resistance. This combination is why CleanSpace comes with a 25-year warranty against rips and tears. The white finish brightens the space and easily allows customers to see a mold, insect, and dirt-free area. CleanSpace is part of a healthy home strategy and should be combined with other products to control water, humidity, outside air infiltration and heat loss. CleanSpace offers our customers peace of mind from dirty, humid, wet crawlspaces and basements.

CleanSpace is sold as part of your home solution to control water, humidity, outside air infiltration and heat loss. WaterGuard and Clean Space combine to provide customers a clean, warm and dry space. This combination is excellent for leaky basements. CleanSpace and drainage matting can be combined to encapsulate your dirty, cold, damp crawlspaces. This combination can help control humidity, ground moisture, groundwater seepage, insects and cold or warm air from coming into contact with your pipes and vents. This cold or warm air coming into contact with your pipes and ducts can cost you more energy bills each year. These solution combinations make CleanSpace ideal for every home with a crawlspace or wet basement.

CleanSpace Installation

When CleanSpace is used to waterproof a wet basement, it is combined with WaterGuard. The CleanSpace is hung from the wall using specially designed plastic wall anchors. These wall anchors do not harm the foundation wall but provide a secure fitting to the foundation wall. CleanSpace can be installed at 32 inches from the bottom of the basement floor or full height. Full height CleanSpace is highly recommended for maximum waterproofing protection. The CleanSpace is then secured and sealed to the WaterGuard to prevent water from leaking into the home. The water collected from the WaterGuard and CleanSpace is directed to the sump pump and then pumped out of the house. It is creating a bright, clean, and dry space.

When CleanSpace is used to encapsulate a crawlspace, it is combined with drainage matting. The CleanSpace is hung from the wall using specially designed plastic wall anchors, the same as the basement anchors. These wall anchors do not harm the crawlspace wall but provide a secure fitting to the crawlspace wall. Full height wall CleanSpace is hung to provide maximum protection from moisture, cold and warm air and insects. CleanSpace is also cut and installed onto your crawlspace's dirt floor to prevent moisture from the Earth's soils and any groundwater seepage. Drainage matting is installed directly onto the dirt crawlspace floor, and then cleanspace is installed on top of the drainage matting. This combination creates a waterproof space that can be used for storage. After drainage matting and CleanSpace is installed, it is recommended to install a sump pump or smart drain to get rid of any water that may enter the space. For crawlspaces with lots of water, drainage lines, cleanspace, drainage matting and sump pumps are highly recommended. As smart drains, drainage matting, and cleanspace can help control any damages from water pipes breaking.

Why is CleanSpace beneficial for your home?

? When CleanSpace is combined with WaterGuard, CleanSpace prevents any water from entering your home through the foundation walls. Foundation walls frequently have water leak through mortar joints, cold joints, cracks, and window seals.

? Attractive, bright, tough liner that is vapor-proof.

? Low humidity - no new mold growth and fewer pests.

? Warmer floors and lower heating costs.

? A healthier home that is less expensive to own.

Why is CleanSpace best-in-class?

? CleanSpace is a 20-mil thick liner as others are often less. Thinner liners are more likely to rip or tear due to their lower thickness. Damaged liners can create holes in the waterproofing system and fall from the wall. This results in a broken waterproofing system and even a wet basement.

? The bright white CleanSpace brightens the room as other liners may leave the room feeling dark and small.

? After CleanSpace has been installed; the homeowner can finish the walls. Customers can complete the walls knowing their drywall and other building materials will remain dry from all future water.

? Walls with waterproofing sealers and paints fail over time. As time passes, sealers and paints can crack and allow water to reenter the space. CleanSpace won't crack or deteriorate, providing customers the peace of mind that their area will remain dry.

Your dealer warrants ? CleanSpace against rips and tears. This warranty is nationally back and transferable if you choose to move in the future.

The CleanSpace crawl space encapsulation system works to reduce high humidity and condensation, mold and wood rot, and damp odors, while improving indoor air quality and lowering utility bills.

Clean Space Brochure

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