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It's crucial to insulate crawl space walls in any climate. SilverGlo has expanded polystyrene crawl space insulation with graphite infused into it for ultimate wall protection. It is easy to see that SilverGlo is different from other rigid foam brands. We inject the polystyrene foam with graphite powder, which improves its insulating power.

SilverGlo also comes with a reflective coating that makes it an effective radiant barrier. With these features, a foam board 2 inches thick provides an R-value from R-9 to R-11. When we install SilverGlo, we tape over the seams between each board, providing an air barrier that helps to keep your home comfortable and energy-efficient.

SilverGlo's effectiveness sets it apart from the competition, and its convenience makes it a favorite to our customers. We have installed basements and crawl spaces and can easily cut the boards to fit around most obstacles. SilverGlo sheds water and will not support mold growth or provide a home for pests. Since it never loses R-value, you will not have to replace your insulation, and your energy saving will not decrease over time.

Many homeowners will attempt to insulate their crawl space by installing fiberglass insulation on the floor joist. Rodents love to build a nest in this warm, soft material. Fiberglass on the ceiling will not seal away humidity, and eventually, the spongelike insulation will become soaked with moisture.

This will weigh the fiberglass down, causing it to detach from the ceiling and eventually fall.

Fiberglass batts also contain organic materials such as resins, dyes, and paper backing. These things can support the growth of mold and rot and trap moisture around your floor joist, which will rot them away, giving you soft areas on the floor above. It can be costly to have a carpenter come out and lie on his back in a crawlspace to replace them. Generally, a crawl space will also hold utilities such as water heaters, furnaces, hot water pipes, and heating ducts. Insulating the entire crawlspace will keep these warm, which means they work harder, and you save money on your utility bills. With that being said, you can see the advantages of SilverGlo. It is 24% more effective than standard foam. It is made of waterproof materials. SilverGlo will not support any mold growth, and it creates a vapor barrier on walls. Here at Thrasher Group, we also use SilverGlo to seal any vents you may have in your crawlspace. Venting a crawlspace is very inefficient as you never want to let in hot, humid air in the summer on your cool air ducts because it will cause them to condensate. And it never allows your air conditioning to keep up or the cold chill air in the winter, which will never allow for your furnace to keep up.

Suppose your home is not as comfortable as you'd like. In that case, we are here to help homeowners use only the energy you need, saving you money, protecting the environment, and helping you live efficiently without sacrificing their lifestyle or comfort at home. If you need more insulation within your home, we have the materials, equipment, and expertise to do so. SilverGlo insulation board is a patented rigid foam board that sets a new standard in its respective insulation category. SilverGlo looks different from other rigid foam insulation brands because each board has a reflective coating that acts as an effective radiant barrier, infused with graphite powder. After reading this, you are now educated on the disadvantages of other foam boards and see the advantages of SilverGlo. Remember, it is used with waterproof material and does not support mold growth with a high R-Value stated above. Choose SilverGlo to insulate your home!

It's important to insulate crawl space walls in any climate. SilverGlo has expanded polystyrene crawl space insulation with graphite infused into it for ultimate wall protection.

SilverGlo Brochure

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