The Turtl - Crawl Space Access Well System

Tuesday, March 8th, 2016 by Aaron Ruskamp

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One of our favorite things at Midwest Foundation Repair is seeing customers' faces when they see their property improved beyond their expectations. Because of this, we have come up with many solutions to common home ailments, for example, lifting and leveling concrete, keeping basements dry and stabilizing homes foundations. Many people have dingy hard to reach crawlspaces that they find difficult or impossible to access. Many problems can arise by not getting into these hard-to-reach areas, and Midwest Foundation Repair has solutions for them all.

If you believe in the old saying that "anything worth doing is worth doing right," you are sure to appreciate the advantages of our Turtl Crawl Space Entry System. If you have a crawl space door located below grade level in an open well, upgrading to The Turtl entry system is a smart idea.

The "standard" crawl space door leaves a lot to be desired. It's often made from plywood or boards that soon show signs of weathering, like peeling paint and cracked or warped wood. This type of door fits loosely enough to readily admit insects, rodents, and frigid winter air into your crawl space to make matters worse. An open well around the crawl space door soon fills with leaves, twigs and other debris. It can also fill with water during wet weather, causing your crawl space to flood.

The Turtl Crawlspace Access System is designed to provide clean, convenient access to your below-grade crawl space. It allows you easy and secure access to your below-grade crawlspace. It's made from rigid plastic, so it will never rot, rust, corrode, or need paint. It's built to last and looks great on your home!

There are many benefits to installing the Turtle Crawlspace Access System in your home. Crawl space access wells are often ugly and deteriorated and let in rain, leaves and debris. Their doors rot and don't have an airtight seal. The Turtl is a sturdy well and weathertight door combined! To further reiterate the benefits of the Turtl, it keeps your crawlspace entrance clean and dry. With its airtight seal, no water or debris is allowed into your crawlspace, helping to mitigate other potential and more damaging problems. The Turtle is also strong and durable, made of weather-resistant, long-lasting plastic. Built of durable materials gives you the customer years of confidence that your crawlspace will be safe and dry. Speaking of safe, the Turtl is so sturdy that an adult can stand on it without fear of collapse. The Turtl is also secure and lockable, preventing any unwanted guests from entering your below-grade crawlspace.

The Turtl is manufactured using a process called rotational molding, which provides product designers with the flexibility to create exactly what they envision without compromising their designs. Rotational molding is often used for producing items such as kayaks, chemical and fuel tanks, and bulk containers. Because it allows for a seamless shape and unsurpassed structural strength, rotational molding enables the Turtl to fit flawlessly into new and existing crawl spaces creating a safe, dry, and attractive addition to the home.

The Turtl Crawl Space Door and Crawl Space Entry System fit any crawl space opening over 16" high and 32" wide. The optional 6" elevation rings ensure that The Turtl can be used on any opening greater than 16" tall.

The Turtl is a crawl space access well that is designed to provide clean convenient access to your below-grade crawl space.

The Turtl Brochure

Read the brochure>>