Gutter Downspout Extensions

Thursday, October 16th, 2014 by Thrasher

What They Do

RainChute(R) is a recessed downspout extension that sits flush with the ground. It's ideal when the lawn goes up to the foundation since lawn mower traffic won't hurt it. RainChute(R) self-flushes leaves and debris away.

LawnScape(TM) is a pipe buried from the downspout to a special LawnScape(TM) outlet that discharges the water out into the yard. The end of the pipe is camouflaged. The lid comes off for easy cleaning.

LawnScape(TM) is best used for downspout extensions over 8' long.

Why Extend Your Gutter Downspouts?

When your gutters discharge water next to your foundation, much of it can seep directly into the soil around your home. This can significantly add to basement leaking, and it can even contribute to foundation issues.

Common causes of basement leakage include poor gutters, downspouts, and grading, which drain into the softer fill soil that was backfilled when the builders constructed the home. When a house is built, a builder generally removes soil to build the foundation. When the home is finished, the builder then moves dirt around to fill in void spots up against the sides of the house. This dirt that has been picked up and put back is called "lose fill soil." Water that lands in the loose-fill soil can soak through that soil and back towards the foundation. During light rains, water will dissipate into the ground, and no water comes into the basement. However, during heavy rains, water can run through the loose-fill soil and build up hydrostatic pressure against the home's foundation. If unaddressed, this hydrostatic pressure can find a way into the house. This is very commonly seen in basements. Because this has been an ongoing issue for a long time, it has become code to put in drain tile and a sump pump on any house built after the 2000s to mitigate the hydrostatic pressure that occurs during large rains. So, it's essential when it rains to have the gutters of the home take all the water that lands on the roof away from the loose-fill soil. It's critical to have extended downspouts to get as much water away from the house as possible.

Common foundation issues seen due to water is bowing walls and settling houses. Having water build up against foundation walls creates a large amount of hydrostatic pressure outside the wall. If not attended to, this will lead to the wall start falling inward. Different foundation types behave differently depending on the amount of force that is against the wall.

Settlement can happen to any home, but differed maintenance to a property can lead to large settlement issues. The water pooling around the foundation footing can make the soil beneath the footing soft. It also has the potential to wash away differing soil layers deep beneath the surface. When water is pooling against the foundation walls, it also pools around and below the foundation footing. If unaddressed, this will lead to the house's footing settling into the ground, and everything above it will follow. By installing a combination of our downspout extensions on your gutters, this problem can be averted before it even begins.

A simple extension added to your downspout is a great way to ensure that roof water is kept far away from your home. Our RainChute(R) provides a simple, cost-effective solution to this problem, with a design that will never clog!

To add the greatest beauty and appeal to your landscaping, consider LawnScape as an underground extension to your downspouts. Its green color blends in with your lawn, and lawn mower traffic won't hurt it. A buried pipe directs water away from your home and onto the surface through the unique LawnScape(TM) outlet. The lid comes off easily for cleaning.

But what if my sump discharge line is buried? What if it freezes? Great Question! We attach an Iceguard to every buried sump discharge line. This allows homeowners to bury their discharge line, so it looks aesthetically pleasing and be rest assured their discharge line will always be able to pump water out of the basement. No matter the weather conditions.

All of our gutter and downspout products are a great complement to your existing basement waterproofing system!

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