The Importance of a Battery Backup System

Saturday, April 30th, 2016 by Thrasher


TripleSafe battery backup for sump pump

Do you have a battery back-up system? Well, you should! It can mean the difference between danger and safety for your family. We all know how annoying it can be when the power cuts out overnight and resets our alarm clocks. More often than not, it leads to a scramble the next morning if you're not fortunate enough to naturally wake up on time. Most of us have adopted a back-up system by setting alarms on our cell phones. If we can see the value of a back-up system for our alarm clocks, why can't we see the value in a failsafe for our waterproofing systems?

Severe Weather

Spring winds, summer thunderstorms and winter blizzards are all common occurrences in the Midwest. These types of severe weather frequently cause at least temporary blackouts for many homeowners. Unfortunately, without a battery back-up for your sump pump, it's is also the worst possible time to lose power. Battery back-ups for your sump pump help to ensure that your home stays dry - even if it's dark.

Accidental Unplugging

Believe it or not, but this is one of the most common reasons we get calls from homeowners who don't already have a back-up system. Because our systems are often installed in storage or unfinished basement spaces, people will often unplug the pump to move things around or plug something else in temporarily - then they forget to plug it back in. Battery back-ups help keep those accidental unplugging from turning into water disasters.

Extended Power Outages

Not all power outages a short term, and we all know the ones caused by mother nature usually involve a lot of rain or ice followed by a thaw. For those extended outages, our UltraSump battery back-up can protect your home for more extended periods. A fully charged UltraSump can pump an impressive 11,500 gallons up and out of your home. That's enough water to fill a small swimming pool. No matter how robust your sump pumps are, none of it works without a battery back-up if the power is out.

Primary Pump Failure

If your primary pump were to fail, a back-up battery system could be a real lifesaver. An alarm will sound when your battery back-up kicks in to alert you of a failure with the primary system. This gives you time to investigate whether it's a simple fix, like plugging the primary pump back in, or if it's possible a service issue that needs more attention.

All of Thrasher's battery back-up systems can protect you even longer with the addition of a second battery. That extra battery more than doubles the operation time of your system for extended outage times.

Peace of Mind

When you are at home, and the power goes out, you're aware of it. You will have peace of mind that your battery back-up will be there to save the day. Walk downstairs, and you can hear the alarm that will let you know that it is working. What about when you're not at home? Whether your traveling for extended periods, just at work for the day, or maybe you're just a heavy sleeper. No matter where you are when the weather makes a turn for the worse, it's common for people to feel anxious to get home and check the basement. A reliable battery back-up allows you to carry on with things you care about because you won't be worried about what is happening in your basement.

Finished Basements

If your basement was fully finished when you moved in, you might not be aware most finishing projects cost tens of thousands of dollars. The cost of drywall, carpet, trim, and the other things needed all add up. If you finished it yourself, you're well aware of not only how much the work cost but how much time and planning went into it. Countless people have experienced a flood in their finished basement and experienced the time and effort of cleaning it up and putting it back together. Without a back-up battery pump, your basement is at risk when the power goes out.

How they work

Battery back-up pumps are made to work in conjunction with A/C powered pumps (the kind that plugs into the wall.) and are connected to the same discharge line. The A/C pump will remove all the water that your drainage system channels to the sump pit under normal conditions when the power is on. When the power goes out, your first line of defense will not work, and the water will rise. It doesn't matter how good your drainage or A/C power pump is when there is no power. When the water level rises above the existing pump, it will trigger the battery back-up pump to turn on and prevent water from entering your basement.

Thrasher Can Help

If you have questions about your waterproofing system or would like to see how your primary system might benefit from a battery back-up, contact us today.