Trench Drain Basement Surface Drainage System

Trench Drain Brochure

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One of my favorite things at Thrasher is hearing how happy a customer is with the way TrenchDrain looks.

TrenchDrain is designed to go around a water heater, furnace, and dehumidifier. It can also go in the opening of a garage door, the bottom of stairs from outside that lead to the basement, walk-in basement doors, or mudrooms for the winter with pets and children.

Using a grey plastic material ensures the material will not rust and will stay visually attractive for the home's lifetime.

As an employee of Thrasher, I enjoy showing people how their homes can look when installing TrenchDrain.

The TrenchDrain design prevents water from entering their home through doorways and stairways. It also gives water leaks from plumbing, water heaters and dehumidifiers a place to drain without out fear of it ruining their basement. TrenchDrain can also be installed inside a garage door to keep their garage puddle free during the spring months.

TrenchDrain is an excellent product, and it is paired with another great product in Waterguard. For all the homeowners out there, who have water in their basement, Waterguard can solve that problem. Once we stop the water from coming into their home through doorways, it is also essential to stop the water from their floor or walls from flooding the floor.

Waterguard is the product to help prevent water from getting to their floor ever again. When we put both products together, it's easy to see how Thrasher and our products can help customers sleep at night, knowing that we have eliminated all areas for water to ruin their basement.

Facts about TrenchDrain:

  • TrenchDrain collects water and drains it to a perimeter drainage system/sump pump.
  • Prevents water damage to the basement environment, keeping the home safe and dry.
  • Over 200,000 TrenchDrain/WaterGuard systems have been installed across North America.

Take advantage of our surface draining system. The Trench Drain design prevents water from entering your house through doorways and stairways.

Trench Drain Brochure

Read the brochure>>