Downspout Extensions - Keep Water Away From The Foundation

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016 by Thrasher

downspout extensions

Downspout Extensions

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Having properly-working gutters to carry runoff water away from your home is very important in maintaining your foundation's integrity. But even the best gutter system won't accomplish its goal if the water pours out of the downspout next to the base of the home.

That's why gutter downspout extensions are sometimes necessary. Affixing these products onto the ends of your downspouts can help guide the water to a spot where it won't pool near your foundation. There are plenty of different types of downspout extensions that are available.

Prevent basement flooding and water damage with the help of a downspout extension. Thrasher offers 3 options to best fit your needs and desired aesthetic.


LawnScape Outlet(TM) Underground Downspout Extension

RainChute(TM) Recessed Downspout Extension

RainChute EZ(TM) Above Ground Downspout Extension

LawnScape Outlet(TM) Underground Downspout Extension Connects your downspout to a unique LawnScape Outlet sending water away from the foundation while camouflaging the end of the pipe. It's best for downspout extensions over 7 feet long. It's a popular choice for sump pump discharge lines and has a removable lid for easy cleaning.

RainChute(TM). The Recessed Downspout Extension is recessed into the ground and carries downspout water away from the foundation. It's best for homes where the lawn starts at the foundation and features a Clog-free design. It flushes leaves and debris out and has a lawnmower friendly design.

RainChute EZ(TM). The above-ground downspout extension directs downspout water 3-8 feet away from the foundation. It's best for the landscaped area near the foundation, and the clog-free design flushes leaves and debris away.

Downspout Drain Underground Into Yard, Our customers see the benefits and finally found the culprit undermining their concrete.

Heather W. said, "We have always had problems with water in our area around our home. Our neighbors say they have the same issues for years. I got so bad we even had to have my concrete repaired. At that point, our guy from Midwest foundations pointed out what caused the problem and gave us a few real options to fix it. Finally, after all these years of trying everything we could think of, Midwest had the answer. As a part of their inspection process, they try to find what caused the problem in the first place. As it turns out, thousands of gallons of water can come off the roof during a rainstorm. Our downspouts were washing the soil out away from under the concrete and washing it away. Now we have big voids under it, which has caused our driveway to crack and become unlevel. Even to the point, it feels like I'm hitting a curb when pulling into my garage. Our concrete had dropped over 3" in the front entrance. I had them do the work to raise and level the concrete and fix what caused the problem in the first place. They Buried the downspouts way out in the yard away from the house and driveway. They are my heroes, and many of my neighbors have their water problem solved by Midwest."

Thanks, guys, for solving the mystery.

Downspout Extensions

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