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Thursday, February 4th, 2021 by Aaron Ruskamp

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NexusPro is a joint sealant product that is exclusive to the SupportWorks network and is the ideal solution to sealing joints in your driveway and creating lasting beauty and curb appeal for your home.

Sealing all the joints in your driveway, sidewalks, patios, and all other exterior concrete is a critical step in ensuring the long-lasting beauty and durability of your concrete. Joints in your exterior concrete were created for a very specific reason, and while they fulfill that purpose well, if not sealed, the joints can cause other issues.

There are two types of joints in your driveway, expansion joints and contraction/control joints.

Expansion joints are typically installed on exterior concrete where the concrete slab abuts up to a building structure. Expansion joints are also typically installed where the driveway meets the roadway, and no more than every 40 linear feet of sidewalk. The purpose of the expansion joint is to serve as a bond break or separation between two building components and allow for freedom of movement. They also serve as a point of expansion where concrete can expand and contract into during seasonal temperature changes. These joints allow for movement in the concrete while protecting other building components from that movement.

Contraction or control joints are the other types of joint installed in exterior concrete. When concrete is poured into place, it is a fluid and plastic mass that can be molded into any shape. However, as the material hardens and cures, water leaves the mixture and the overall volume of the cement mixture is reduced. The end result is that concrete shrinks' and contracts in volume as it hardens. As concrete shrinks in volume it is put into tension as it tries to cling to other cement particles and contract at the same time. Eventually the concrete slab needs to crack to release this pressure. Rather than having random crack patterns in the exterior concrete, contraction/control joints are created to control where the cracks form and maintain the aesthetics of the concrete slab.

Both expansion joints and contraction/control joints are critically important to the long term viability of exterior concrete, but as time passes these joints can serve as an area of weakness for the concrete. In order for an expansion joint to properly work, it must maintain its plasticity. It must allow the concrete to expand into and contract out of the expansion joint space. Typically, these joints work well for years, but over time they can wear out. As the joint wears out, dirt and debris can quickly replace the once malleable joint. Once filled with debris, the concrete no longer has space to expand and contract into, and the expansion forces are instead transferred to the adjoining building structure. These forces can cause significant structural damages over time.

Contraction and control joints, can also move from being a needed building component to a source of problems over time. Contraction joints by design, are intended to have cracks from through the entire depth of the concrete. While this maintains the aesthetics of the slab, it also serves as an easy infiltration point for water. Water can quickly and easily pass through these cracks into the sub-base of the concrete slab and wash away or soften the dirt base. As heavy vehicle traffic applies additional weight to the concrete slabs, the concrete can quickly settle into the soften base materials.

While both expansion joints and contraction joints are needed in exterior concrete, they can serve as points of frustration and problems if not maintained. The best way to maintain these joints is to apply a durable and pliable joint sealant, that will prevent water and debris from getting into and below these joints.

NexusPro is the ideal joint sealant material. NexusPro is a specifically and exclusively formulated silicon-based caulking designed for exterior concrete applications. NexusPro is UV resistant, meaning it will not yellow nor dry out and crack over time. It will also remain far more pliable than traditional polyurethane based caulking's, meaning it will move with your concrete through changing seasonal temperatures. NexusPro is proven to last up to an incredible 20 years, which is over twice as long as the leading competitor.

It is clear to see that your exterior concrete joints should be sealed with NexusPro to provide the beauty and peace of mind that your concrete will last for years to come.

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