PolyLevel - A Permanent Concrete Leveling Solution

Concrete leveling is made easy with the PolyLevel system. It permanently lifts and stabilizes sinking concrete slabs with high-density polyurethane foam.

PolyLevel concrete leveling

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The concrete outside our homes must stay in pristine condition. Do you have a parent that is getting older or lives alone? Do you have kids that play outside? Does your concrete have dangerous trip hazards? Pooling water, which turns to ice during the winter? PolyLevel is designed with peace of mind and safety at hand to make sure we can continue to enjoy our outdoor spaces and help to protect the ones we love.

Three main issues cause concrete to settle, and they all are based on the soil below the slabs. Poorly compacted soil, soil dries out, soil washes out. When your home was built, the contractor had to move dirt around to get the proper grade for what they were doing. The issue is, they can never get that soil as stable as the original soil that was there to start. Have you ever seen dirt with cracks in it? That is because, during warm weather, soils shrink. The cracking is because it is getting smaller, and it has nowhere to go. Believe it or not, this can also happen under your concrete slabs. When the soil shrinks, the concrete has no choice but to go with it. Of course, it's always going to rain eventually. When it does, the already shrunken soil now has pathways for that water to get in and wash it away, or, if we get a downpour, it can become so saturated that it will be fragile and fall into these voids. The concrete has nowhere else to go, so it falls right in with it.

Another thing to consider is the effect sloping concrete can have on our homes. We have seen many driveways that slope toward the house that they are designed to protect. When it rains, where does that rain go? Right up to the foundation wall, and, if not properly sealed, that water can run down the wall, causing problems with basement water and wall failure. We see this every day with driveways and sidewalks that have gone unprotected and have settled right to your most significant investment.

There are a few other types of concrete methods that try to compete with the PolyLevel concrete repair system.

Are you thinking about replacing your driveway or sidewalk? We have learned in all of the years of doing this that concrete has two guarantees, it gets hard, and it cracks. Also, replacing your concrete slabs is very costly and incredibly invasive, and it puts a new slab right back on to the same problem soil you were dealing with in the first place! Sometimes leaving you without a driveway to park on for weeks. The PolyLevel foam uses your existing concrete slabs and brings out the beauty they already have within them. The concrete around our homes, like driveways, patios, and sidewalks, is supposed to enhance our lives and look beautiful. With a checkerboard driveway, I think we can all agree it does anything but that.

You've probably heard of mudjacking. The issue with mudjacking is that the material used (a mixture of mud and concrete) to make a slurry is very heavy and adds a lot of unneeded weight to the soil below. Also, have you ever seen what appears to be a pop can-sized hole filled in on someone's driveway? That is a mudjacking porthole, and they are sometimes not even there anymore. We find a hole in the concrete, and they are always unattractive on your concrete -- just another reason we came up with poly level foam. Instead of using heavy materials, it uses modern materials. It's made of lightweight, high-density polymers. Lightweight but incredibly strong, it adds structure without adding weight to the soil below. We only have to drill a hole approximately the size of a dime, and we use a specific grout mixture to fill the gaps, which makes them very hard to come out of the porthole, and virtually invisible.

PolyLevel takes away the three main reasons you slab settled in the first place. It's waterproof, so it doesn't wash out. It doesn't shrink or degrade from changing temperatures. It will use the concrete slab's weight above it to compress the soil below, as it expands, to stabilize any areas that may have been poorly compacted during installation. It is the most minimally invasive of the three methods. You can drive a car on it in as little as 15 minutes after installation.

Concrete leveling is made easy with the PolyLevel system. It permanently lifts and stabilizes sinking concrete slabs with a high-density polyurethane foam.


PolyLevel Brochure

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