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What is concrete sealant?

Concrete sealants are liquid-based materials designed to protect concrete from surface damage and corrosion. Though chemical makeup can differ, there are two major types of concrete sealants: topical and penetrating.

Topical sealants:

  • Sit on top of concrete slabs and form a layer that's impermeable to moisture
  • Protect the top, but can trap moisture that enters concrete from beneath the slab
  • Best for interior application and smooth surfaces
  • Often creates a slick, glossy surface, affecting the appearance and safety
  • Widely available
  • Typically last 5-10 years at best, requiring regular reapplication

Penetrating sealants:

  • Penetrate the concrete, rather than sitting on top of it
  • Ideal for exterior applications
  • Won't become slick when wet
  • Long-lasting because they don't wear off the surface and are "breathable"

What is SealantPro and what makes it better than the alternatives?

SealantPro is a highly versatile silicone-based, penetrating concrete sealant. Its primary function is to keep moisture, and other chemicals from being absorbed into the concrete, which can cause it to deteriorate, particularly through freeze/thaw cycles. Because SealantPro is reactive, it causes a chemical reaction inside the concrete. That creates a new internal structure that acts like a shield to reduce water from coming in. It requires just a single application and penetrates up to 1/4 -inch - preventing a slippery surface. Once cured, it becomes a permanent part of the concrete and never needs to be reapplied.

What are the advantages of SealantPro?

  • Permanently protects concrete from water penetration with just one application
  • Protects and adds value to the home by extending the life of your concrete
  • Penetrates concrete and permanently bonds with it on a molecular level.
  • Cures in just 6 hours, so concrete can be trafficked within the same day
  • Costs less over time because it does not need to be reapplied
  • UV resistant and won't discolor over time
  • Dries clear and matte; won't impact curb appeal or create a slippery, shiny surface
  • Formulation is environmentally friendly

How is SealantPro applied? Here's an overview of the process: Following a pre-job inspection of the work site, a commercial pressure washer, turbo nozzle and rotary surface cleaner are used to prepare the pores of the concrete for the SealantPro application. Next, the deep penetrating sealant is applied evenly to the surface with a high-quality pump sprayer. A broom is used to work the product into the surface, with the grain of the concrete, to avoid standing puddles and ensure a neat, quality finish.

How long does SealantPro take to cure? SealantPro cures in 4 to 6 hours. Concrete can be trafficked as usual within the same day.

How often does SealantPro need to be applied? SealantPro only needs to be applied once to last for the concrete's lifetime.

Does SealantPro wear away? No. Because SealantPro penetrates 1/4 " into the surface and bonds with concrete on a molecular level, it will not wear away unless more than 1/4 " of the concrete surface is removed.

Will SealantPro always make water bead? SealantPro will cause water to bead up on the surface immediately after application and for a couple of weeks following. The product remains permanently bound to the concrete whether or not water beads on the surface.

Will SealantPro protect the concrete from staining? SealantPro helps make stains easier to remove by preventing them from penetrating deep into the concrete. Surface stains can still occur and should be cleaned as soon as possible for best results. It's important to note that any existing concrete stains that cannot be removed with a power washer will be permanently sealed in when SealantPro is applied.

Will overspray of SealantPro kill adjacent grass and foliage? It is not likely that SealantPro would cause damage to grass and plants, but overspray should be avoided as much as possible

Is SealantPro expensive? SealantPro is actually quite cost-effective because it offers a permanent solution unlike the cheaper urethane-based products available at big-box DIY stores that must be reapplied regularly.

For more details on what SealantPro can do for your concrete, check out the attached brochure or call for a free no obligation estimate today.

Sealant Pro Brochure Icon

Read the brochure>>

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