Crack Repair-Injection

Monday, September 5th, 2016 by Thrasher

Foundation cracks are not all the same. Selecting the right product, based on the width of the crack and the viscosity of the material, is essential for a long-term repair. Thrasher Foundation Repair has staff members who are certified through the National Association of Waterproofing and Structural Repair. Our field consultants can assist in choosing the right product and repair method; the technicians will assure the proper crack preparation is performed.


Epoxy injection should be used for cracks that need to be structurally repaired. Epoxies can add a great amount of strength to a foundation and at times can even exceed the strength of the surrounding concrete. The epoxy injection process begins by cleaning the crack and the surrounding area of all debris. Injection ports are then inserted along the length of the crack. The epoxy is then injected through the ports until the crack is completely sealed.


Urethanes, such as polyurethane, can be used in the event of an active leak. However, a urethane will add no strength to a foundation and can only be used for waterproofing in circumstances where there are no structural concerns. Urethane is pushed through the foundation wall under pressure and is activated by water. Thus, it will seek out the water in the crack and will also go through the wall to the outside to seal the crack all the way through.


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