Helical Piers

Helical piers for home foundation support

Helical piers are a deep foundation system used to repair existing structures that have settled. They are also used in new construction where support from greater depths is required due to the structure being built on unstable soils. Because helical piers screw into the ground, they typically require less excavation than other types of piers and can be installed in areas with limited access.

A helical pier is constructed of a central steel shaft with one or more bent plates (helixes) along with the pile. The pile sizes differ by various shafts and combination of shafts of high-strength solid steel bar from 1-1/2" to 2-1/2" thick to tubular with diameters from 2-7/8?? to 12?? with various steel thicknesses. The piles are advanced into the soil by screwing them in with hydraulic gear motors. They are bolted and connected in shaft lengths from 3 to 20 feet to extend the depth of the pile. Capacity can be measured during installation, and there is a direct relationship between torque (force required to cause rotation) and capacity. The stiffer the soil, the more drive force by way of torque is needed, measuring the ground's end-bearing capacity and the pile. Loads are transferred from the foundation to the pier shaft to end-bearing strata.

Helical piers are an excellent option for Sioux City and the greater Siouxland area. Due to the extreme depths needed to reach load-bearing soils in some Loess Hills areas, helical piers are an excellent option for foundation settlement repair. Some common uses include but are not limited to lifting, settling or sinking houses, garages, decks, front porch slabs, and columns. Cracks in your basement or foundation walls may indicate settling. Thrasher Foundation Repair will send an expert to your home to diagnose and see if a sinking or settling foundation occurs. If you are in Northwest Iowa, Northeast Nebraska, North Sioux City, or Dakota Dunes, the local Sergeant Bluff office will be pleased to serve you.

Piers are a great option for basement repair. Piers have been installed all across Northwestern Iowa in towns like Sioux City, Le Mars, Spencer, Spirit Lake, Estherville, Orange City, Rock Rapids, South Sioux City, and Dakota Dunes, to name a few. Helical piers will permanently support and stabilize your settled or sinking foundation, deck footings, columns, and garage. In many cases, there is even the possibility to raise those structures back up.

I remember one home in particular in Whispering Creek in Sioux City, Iowa, that had a sinking deck. We installed three helical piers underneath each deck footing. We were able to permanently stop the deck from sinking and were even able to raise the deck back to its original position over two and a half inches! The homeowner was thrilled to enjoy his deck again without it sloping really bad to one side.

Another home In Kinglsey, Iowa, had a sinking front porch stoop. The homeowner was afraid that she was going to have to remove and replace her front stoop completely. But the helical pier system from Supportworks, Installed by Thrasher, answered the call. She was delighted to have a minimally Invasive foundation repair solution that saved her time, money, and the hassle and Inconvenience of foundation replacement.

Another great benefit of the Supportworks Helical Pier system is it can also be installed before construction. If you know the area you are building In has poor soil. Or If you want peace of mind knowing that the house, garage, grain bin, deck footings, or porch won't settle after construction. Helical piers are an excellent option for supporting many types of structures. If you have a large Industrial or commercial project In the Sioux City area, be sure to ask for one of our Thrasher Commercial specialists and rest assured your project will be In supporting hands.

Our crews will carefully excavate the dirt around your home or building to expose the footing. Then, the helical pier Is carefully monitored and hydraulically driven deep down Into the ground until it reaches what our Supportworks engineers call load-bearing strata. Once the pier has reached the appropriate depths, a heavy-duty bracket Is attached to the footing. The bracket Is then attached to the helical pier, and now the pier, not the weak soils around your home, are supporting the structure. At that point, your home is then permanently stabilized, and the excavated area Is backfilled and ready for use again.

Basement and foundation repair can be intimidating, but Thrasher Foundation Repair is a trusted expert in the field, and the Helical Pier System from Supportworks can put your worries to rest by letting your home rest on solid ground!