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When you come work for us, you’re more than an employee at Thrasher - you’re family. 

We believe that every job in our company has a purpose, meaning, and creates a tremendous impact. This impact isn’t limited to the workplace either. Brad Grote in Accounting is the perfect example of this. He shared, “The Thrasher team has shown me support in ways I never could have imagined before working here. Each and every person on my team is invested in my professional AND personal growth. We celebrate our wins, big and small, and we help each other through our downtimes. For example, our team was just as excited as I was to celebrate when I earned my pilot’s license, and they provided incredible support in the times I felt overwhelmed with the stress of working while going to flight school. When I left Thrasher to pursue a career in aviation, I quickly realized how much I missed and needed that support system and family feeling I had at Thrasher, and I came back as fast as I could! I’m thankful, grateful, and blessed to work on such an incredible team within a standup organization.” When people feel fulfilled and experience peace of mind, these emotions and actions create ripples. We are believers, and we believe these ripples can change the world.



Every day brings a new challenge and a new opportunity to lock arms with your team while doing the right thing for the customer. “There is a certain sense of pride and swag among everyone having a purpose at Thrasher! These are people I can count on, and trust, to help me grow personally and professionally. Having a work-life balance is something that keeps me rejuvenated and excited to come back for new challenges to redefine for our customers! When I started at Thrasher I went through a divorce. I was struggling with a new home and to make ends meet. I knew this was a place I wanted to be and wanted to grow. I got to know everyone and started to get involved with Leadership Immersion and Leadership Council. My manager allowed me to grow by challenging me and helping others grow. When I found my purpose and passion it didn’t feel like work anymore, it felt like home,” said Team Lead in Omaha, Drew Johnson. We bestow the gift of high expectations on people, but we do it with the love and belief that they can accomplish what they didn’t think they could before. And when people experience success in a way, they never imagined for themselves, there is nothing more rewarding and energizing. It makes the work meaningful. It makes the work significant.


At Thrasher, when we say fulfilling work creates fulfilling lives it’s not without the support of each other. Our family feel is based in teamwork, lifting each other up during good times and difficult ones. Lisa Kassera in Accounting put it best, “The people at Thrasher are like my family. It doesn't have to be so serious all the time and that's what I love about Thrasher. I laugh so much when I'm here. My dad was recently hospitalized, and I received so much support from my Thrasher family. Daily texts, offers to bring supper, and job coverage when I was away from the office. This isn't just a job it's a family and I love every bit of it.” The examples are endless because this is woven into our culture, the evidence is in the fact that our employees have voted us for over 5 years as a Best Place to Work.

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The truth about our culture is created by those that live it and helps create our transparent and unique environment. Our belief in each other is allowing us to grow together here at Thrasher. If you are looking for more than a job, pride yourself on challenging the status quo, and the desire to become the best version of yourself. At Thrasher, this is what we believe. We believe in you.

Join our rally cry, Find out more about our purpose, mission, values, here: manifesto.

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