The Top 5 Home Maintenance Tips You Need To Do For Spring

Thursday, March 31st, 2022 by Hannah Holland

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Let’s be real: spring cleaning is the worst.

The last thing anyone wants to do when it starts to warm up outside is vacuum the dog hair off the couch. But, as homeowners, it’s necessary.

We have a question, though. When you think of spring cleaning, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Deep cleaning your kitchen, purging all the clothes you don’t wear, or something along those lines, right?

That’s a good start, but there’s actually a lot of areas of the house that are forgotten. Areas that are kind of important to the sustainability of your home (and your peace of mind).

Here’s the thing. Winter weather can be really hard on your house. It’s important to take time to assess any damage, make necessary repairs, and just do a general yearly checkup to make sure all things are in working order.

We put together a list of what we think are the top 5 most important home maintenance tips you should be adding to your spring cleaning checklist. Let’s get into it.

1. Clean those gutters

We know, we know. This is one of those household chores absolutely nobody wants to do. But believe it or not, it’s one of the most important tasks to sustain your home.

Cleaning debris out of gutter

Here’s the thing: clogged gutters are one of the biggest causes of flooded basements and foundation damage.

They’re the main system that moves water off the roof and away from your home. And when they’re clogged, the water from rain has nowhere to go. The gutters end up overflowing and that water pours into the soil surrounding your home.

Clogged gutters

Soil can only absorb so much, so that excess water will hang out around your home, find its way into the cracks of your foundation, and into your basement or crawlspace.

So please. Don’t overlook it. Over the last 5 months, debris like leaves, twigs, and pine needles have landed on your roof and are probably in your gutters right now.

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Put on your gloves, grab your ladder, and clean out those gutters.

(And P.S. if you get up there and realize you need to replace your gutters entirely, we can help with that).

2. Dust off that grill and patio

We’ve all been there: it’s one of the first warm, sunny days of the season and you want to sit outside on the patio. Maybe grill some hamburgers.

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But wait. Your patio furniture is grime-y, and your grill has cobwebs and creepy-crawlies inside… Instant mood killer.

Don’t let this absolute tragedy happen to you. Sprucing up your outdoor entertaining area is simple and easy to incorporate into your spring cleaning routine.

-       Get rid of debris: The first step is sweep up the leaves or debris that has accumulated over the winter. Then, rinse the entire deck or patio with a hose (make sure all furniture and potted plants are removed or out of the way). Tackle stains and weird spots with a cleaner and scrub brush.

-       Clean dirty patio furniture: Next, make sure your outdoor furniture is looking fresh. Remove cushions and wash them according to manufacturer’s instructions. Wipe down surfaces, like tabletops, to remove dirt.

-       Remove mildew: Sometimes, moisture can get trapped beneath planters and debris, creating the perfect environment for mold to grow. To remove any mildew, scrub and clean the area with a mold-killing detergent. Or if you’re crafty, you can look up how to create a simple solution from common household items.

-       Scrub that grill: If your grill lives outside, it probably needs a good cleaning before grilling season begins. Since all grills are different, all cleaning requirements are different too. Check your grill’s owner’s manual for complete instructions on cleaning and maintenance.

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3. That garage needs some work, too

Have you ever opened your garage and quickly wanted to shut it, so your neighbors don’t see what is essentially a giant version of a junk drawer?

Yeah, we’ve been there. We’ve all been there.

Luckily, it’s a simple fix. Dedicate a day to cleaning out and organizing your garage. Declutter (and we mean really declutter), wipe down surfaces, sweep it out, and last but not least, assess your garage storage system.

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If you need help with this, we highly encourage you to hit up our friends over at Hello Garage. They’re really good at transforming a blah garage into a beautiful, organized masterpiece your neighbors will be jealous of. It’s kind of their bread and butter.

4. Make your walkway welcoming

Clean walkways leave great impressions. They also reduce the potential for slips and falls.

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Use a pressure washer or hose on surfaces like concrete to remove any salt residue or general grime from the winter months.

And while you’re at it, look for any cracks along the driveway, deck, and pathways. Cracks that are detected early are simple to fix with caulk or concrete fillers.

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But if you think it’s past a simple fix, spring is a great time to get ahead of the game and schedule us to come out and inspect.

5. Open the windows

Open windows and fresh are a spring staple. But what do they have to do with home maintenance?

It’s good practice every spring to inspect all of your windows and doors to make sure there’s not a deeper problem going on.

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If you notice your windows (or doors) are sticking, they might be trying to tell you something. You could have a foundation problem.

Here’s what might be happening: The slab your home was built on settled into the soil. It’s a common occurrence that naturally happens over time.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t sink evenly. One part of your house might’ve sunk deeper than another. Which throws off your home’s entire structure, including window and door frames.

It’s good practice every spring to inspect all your windows and doors to make sure there’s not a deeper problem going on.

And if you suspect you might have a foundation problem, you should act quickly. These problems don’t get better with time. Or less expensive. It’s essential to get your home inspected by a reputable foundation repair company.

Keep your home running at its best

Sometimes it seems like spring cleaning and home maintenance is a never-ending list of to-dos and completely overwhelming.

But it doesn’t beat the feeling of knowing everything is working and your home is running at its best. Remember: a little prevention goes a long way.

Hopefully, this list helps keep you on track. And if you ever need help, please feel free to reach out to us with any questions.  

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