Giving Thanks By Giving Back: Thrasher Edition

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Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays. It’s the season of pumpkin pie, turkey, mashed potatoes, and football. Additionally, it’s also the time to pause and give back.

One of our core values at Thrasher Group is One Community. This means we challenge each other to return the blessings we experience back to our community. Simply put: Giving back is and always will be a part of our culture.

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This season, we had a company-wide initiative to donate hundreds of gently used tools. From schools to Veteran programs, all eight of our locations chose an organization they were passionate about to donate their tools. Let’s reflect on each.

The reason for the season

As a contractor, tools are a huge key to the success of our business. They help us finish our jobs efficiently, effectively, and, most importantly, safely.

Over 45 years ago, Greg Thrasher started Thrasher Foundation Repair. And he always had one simple philosophy:

If you give your employees the best tools, they’re going to get more work done, and they’re going to enjoy what they do more.”

That’s why we partner with Hilti Tools every three years to update and replace our tools with brand-new, high-quality ones. Across all 8 Thrasher locations.

Hilti Tools And Thrasher Foundation Repair Partnership

But this results in a surplus of old tools. And just because they’re ‘old’ to us doesn’t mean they’re old, bad, or damaged in any way. They’re just not the most efficient for the work we’re doing. So we donate them.

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After we switch the tools out, the production crew of each location gets together and decides where these gently used tools’ new home will be. 

Des Moines donated to Habitat for Humanity

Our Des Moines crew donated ten sets of tools to their local Habitat for Humanity. Each set had a drill, driver, reciprocating saw, angle grinder, circular saw, impact driver, charger, and batteries.

Midwest Foundation Repair Habitat For Humanity

Most of these tools will be used by the Habitat crews, with a few sets dedicated to their tool library for homeowners to check out and use.

Omaha donates to three local organizations

Omaha is our biggest location, with over 100 production employees. In other words: that’s a lot of tools. That means they were able to donate their tools to three locations:

Concordia Lutheran Schools was first on the list. And we were able to donate five boxes of gently used tools. Specifically, they were donated to Matt Mueller, the Math and Engineering Teacher, and his classroom.

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We also donated to Omaha Rapid Response, a non-profit organization in Omaha that sends its members to aid in natural and man-made disasters.

And the third organization was The Abide Network. This non-profit revitalizes inner-city neighborhoods and focuses on developing families.

Kansas City helps VCP continue to build tiny homes

Our KC team donated their tools to the Veterans Community Project. The VCP is a privately funded organization founded by a group of combat veterans dedicated to providing services to other veterans. They provide a housing community for homeless veterans, financial counseling, employment support, and a food pantry.

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On top of that, VCP creates tiny home communities called VCP Villages, designed to get homeless Veterans off the street and transition them to permanent housing. The donated tools will be used to help build and maintain their Villages.

Wichita donated to a school close to the heart

The Wichita crew donated to their general manager, Shae Mapes, Alma Mater: Newton High School. Specifically, the tools were donated to the CTE program.

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“We made this donation to Newton High School just based on the tech program they have in place and the difference that they’re making, not just to Newton’s community but the surrounding communities, as well,” Mapes said of the CTE program.

Grand Island donated to a high school that builds homes

Our team in Grand Island decided to donate their tools to Grand Island Northwest High School. Unlike other schools in Grand Island, GINW doesn’t fall under the same budget as Grand Island Public Schools. Their funding is limited, and getting new anything can be a hassle.

Giving Thanks By Giving Back: Thrasher Edition - Image 5

The class pictured above is their Industrial Technology class. Each year, led by Teacher Ed Kinne, this class builds an entire home for a family in Grand Island. From the foundation up.

These tools will help them build these homes and make many ripple effects in their community.

The Grand Island team also donated the extra tools to Habitat for Humanity, another organization that helps build homes for the community.

Springfield redefining for other contractors

Our Springfield team found a unique nonprofit organization to donate their tools to The Springfield Tool Room Library.

Giving Thanks By Giving Back: Thrasher Edition - Image 6

The Springfield Tool Library is just what it sounds like: A library but for tools! They have hundreds of tools that anyone in the community can check out, like a library book.

Not only does this help homeowners who need a tool they don’t have, but it also helps 1099 handymen that can’t afford to buy their own tools yet. In fact, the Springfield Tool Library has a $20 annual membership that gives people access to the Tool Library, where they can check out up to five tools at a time.

Sioux City helps the local high school

Our favorite Siouxland people donated their tools to two organizations: Sergeant Bluff High School and Habitat for Humanity.

"We chose the local high school to help out the community and give to an organization that can put them to good use," General Manager Jake Fenables says.

Give thanks by giving back

At Thrasher, we are honored to support all those who live and work around us and encourage others to consider ways they can create their own ripples of goodness in the community.

And in honor of Thanksgiving, we will leave you with this old proverb, "Give thanks for a little and you will find a lot."

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. We hope you find ways to show gratitude, give back, and give thanks. 


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