Thrasher Foundation Repair Wins First Place In Best Of Omaha

Thrasher Foundation Repair First Place Best of Omaha

Earlier this month, Omaha Magazine revealed the Best of Omaha 2023 winners. And we are so excited to share Thrasher Foundation Repair has won in two categories: Basement Repair & Waterproofing and Mud Jacking. For the eighth year in a row!

There are only three winners in each category, and we are humbled to be one of them.

What is Best of Omaha?

Every year, Omaha Magazine holds a contest to find the best business in the Omaha metro area. And for over 30 years, Omaha residents have participated and voted for their favorite businesses. 

With only 322 categories and more than 28,000 unique businesses in Omaha, less than 3 percent of businesses can win Best of Omaha. 

Best of Omaha Thrasher Foundation Repair

Thank you, Omaha

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you, Omaha.

Thank you to our Thrasher family, who took the time to vote for us. Thank you to everyone who believes in and supports our mission. And thank you to our amazing customers for trusting us to restore the feeling of home back to you.

Thrasher In Earling Iowa, 1975
Where it all began: The Thrasher Family farmhouse in Earling, IA. Circa 1975.

We've been reflecting on how we started and where we are now. Thrasher started out of a farmhouse in 1975 in Earling, Iowa. At that time, we were just the helpful handyman down the street. 

Thrasher Foundation Repair Omaha Office
Our first office and warehouse in Omaha, off of 66th and Grover!

In 1981, the Thrasher family moved to Omaha and continued the business from their home. Since then, we've been helping Omaha families with their home's biggest problems.

Now 47 years later, we have eight locations, over 500 employees, and have helped thousands of families.

Our early beginnings in Omaha embedded a set of values that, to this day, is the center of everything we do. We're still that helpful handyman down the street, except this time, we have big-company resources to get the job done right.

“I am proud of the team we have in Omaha and the great work that they do for our customers," says Dan Thrasher, CEO of Thrasher Foundation Repair. "Our family is proud to be from here and continue to serve our community with the best solutions for their basement and concrete problems.”

Thank you again to everyone who took the time to vote - the overwhelming support is the driving force behind what we do every day. 

About Thrasher Group:

Thrasher Group is a family of businesses, including Thrasher Foundation Repair, Midwest Foundation Repair, and Hello Garage, working to redefine the contractor experience. Our companies help homeowners preserve their peace of mind and improve the value of their homes and businesses with patented solutions that include basement waterproofing and structural repair. 

Thrasher Group businesses serve customers in Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Colorado, and Kansas from eight locations. For more information, visit

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