Does Foundation Repair Require A Permit?

Does Foundation Repair Require A Permit?

Once you start researching foundation repair, it's hard to stop (trust us...we've been there).

But upon your research, you might've seen something about foundation repair permits.  And you may be asking yourself, "Is this necessary? Do I have to get one? How does this work?" Don't worry; we answer all this and more in this blog post. 

Is a permit required to do foundation work?

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Yes, pulling a permit is required in certain areas because the city or county needs to have records of any changes that will be made to a property. It's a requirement implemented to ensure everything will be up to code for the safety of its residents.

On top of that, home improvement projects can also affect your property value, so having an accurate record of when and what foundation repairs were done and documentation that the repair was inspected correctly is essential for record keeping. 

How long does this take?

Does Foundation Repair Require A Permit?

The time it takes to obtain a permit depends on the city or county you live in. In addition, some projects require extra materials or a report drawn by a licensed engineer outlining the measurements and calculations needed to install foundation or wall support products to be submitted with the application. Essentially, the time frame can vary from one day to a few months, depending on the individual city's permit process.

The Thrasher Way 

Does Foundation Repair Require A Permit?

We know the stress of your home having a foundation problem is enough, so we take on the responsibility of working with the city and submitting the permit. We also work with arranging the inspection with an engineer as needed. The Thrasher Way is getting as much off your plate as possible to ensure this project goes smoothly and gets done on time.

Feeling a little more at ease? Ready to start finding options for your foundation repair? Call us at 402-389-3876 or fill out our online form to get scheduled with a free inspection and same-day quote!