How Long Does a Foundation Inspection Take? Everything You Need To Know

How Long Does a Foundation Inspection Take and What Can Add Time

We are living in an age where time is money. Everyone is go, go, go, and it feels like there's barely time to do anything else. So when you find yourself in a situation where you need foundation repair, stress starts to creep in. First things first, you'll need to find a reputable company that will come out to look over the concern to see if you do indeed need foundation repair.

How long does a foundation inspection take?

How Long Does a Foundation Inspection Take, and What Can Add Time?

Typically, a foundation inspection takes about an hour and a half. Some have taken 3-4 hours. Many variables can impact this. Your average contractor will come to your property, inspect the area, and leave a proposal in the mail. The Thrasher way is to greet you at your home, make sure we are looking over exactly what you are concerned about, draw up our solution, print it out, and go over it with you so you have all the information you need.

What can add time?

How Long Does a Foundation Inspection Take and What Can Add Time

There are a few variables that can impact how long your inspection takes. These reasons include (but are not limited to): 

The complexity of the problem. Having one problem, such as concrete problems, will take less time than a home with multiple issues, such as wall failure, water intrusion, gutter problems, failing egress, etc. This issue is something that homeowners may not be aware of. For example, if we are there for a bowing wall issue, but the house is also settling, and we find evidence of water intrusion, the inspection may take longer. 

The environment. The environment of the home can also add time. For example, if a basement is finished and it is hard to see the foundation, multiple data points and different tools will be used to diagnose the problem correctly. Another thing is if the basement has a lot of clutter. If the access point to the problem area is restricted, it may take time to clear a path to see the issue.

Questions. After identifying the issues in a home, it's important to ask questions about what you want to learn more about and what you would like to deal with later. The level of questions you have during and after the inspection and the speed you want to go will add time.

Going through with the project. Once the inspection is finished, if you decide to go through with the project at the appointment, it is common to go over prep items to set you up with a crew and date for the installation. Looking at calendars and finding a date that works for you and the company will also take some time.

Our goal on every appointment is to accurately diagnose the issues on the property, educate, and consult with you, the homeowner, to build a project that addresses your concerns. This means we will show you the problems and why you should be concerned about them. Then, we will let you tell us if you want to learn more about how to fix those issues. The more problems we solve, the more time it will take to educate you on how to solve those issues and build a plan to fix them.

How do I find a reputable company?

How Long Does a Foundation Inspection Take and What Can Add Time

When you have a foundation concern, finding a reputable contractor is essential. Your home is your biggest investment, and having a trusted company do this inspection is the first step. So how do you know which companies are reputable?

The Better Business Bureau is one of the best places to look for reputable companies. The next best step is looking at reviews on BBB, Google, and the company’s website. You can also ask your neighbors, friends, and family who they would recommend. Other things to look for in companies are how long they have been in business, what warranties they offer, price matching options, and whether they have dependable customer service that will answer your call on the first ring. Once you find a trustworthy company, it is time to schedule your inspection.

If you're in our service area, we'd love to help. With over 45 years of expertise and a 4.26 BBB rating, we are the best company to help you and your home. Thrasher has excellent reviews, warranties to back our work, and we take pride in taking care of you and your home the best we can. 

How Thrasher is different

How Long Does a Foundation Inspection Take and What Can Add Time

Thrasher takes pride in being thorough and ensuring our homeowners are aware of any issues that could become significant problems in the future. We know this can be stressful, and we want to ensure you are not overwhelmed with any information we present. We also understand and respect that your time is valuable. That is one of the reasons we offer our free inspections. By asking for a bit of your time, we can conduct quick and easy, but always thorough inspections to address your concerns. 

Here at Thrasher, we don't just mail you a proposal and leave you wondering what it all means. Instead, we discuss the solution with you and answer any questions you have at the appointment. Simply put: We move at the pace that is comfortable for you. 

One key element we take is not making any assumptions about your home. Not treating any two houses the same ensures our solution is custom to your home specifically, not just a cookie-cutter approach to assumptions of what might be the problem.

We also have a fantastic customer care team that will pick up your call on the first ring. We are here to redefine the industry. Our responsibility is to inform and educate you and then help you fix the problems you are most concerned about. It is your home and your biggest investment, and Thrasher is here to help you the way you want to be helped. So please fill out our online form or call 402-389-4181 to get scheduled for your free inspection today!