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I was so grateful when it was arranged to come and do our work on March 11. I knew early on that when the snow started to melt, we would be in trouble again. Then it started raining. We were bailing water night and day for over a week. Then Wednesday when it started raining heavier, Russ was emptying 12 gallons every 45 minutes from the shop vac... I don't know what we could have done if you had not come. When I came upstairs Thursday morning (the 11th), it was snowing very hard. When the phone rang... I cannot tell you my relief when Mel said "we are on the way". It was like 1200 pounds had been lifted off my shoulders. I was never so happy to see anyone when they arrived. My HEROES. That night we went to bed and rested peacefully for the first time in over a week. We were like giddy, silly kids feeling so liberated. I cannot thank you enough for working with us. So far, everything is looking good. Water continued to run down the wall for several days. I could not see it today. We need to do a lot of work on the outside if it ever dries out enough to do so.

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