Customer Testimonial from Judy B. in Harlan, IA

I have been the contact person for my 94 year old neighbor Mayme for quite a while now.  Due to problems with water in Mayme's basement, which have ben happening for a very long time, we had to contact Thrasher.  Jeremy came to Mayme's this week for a comoplete inspection in her basement to analyze and provide a solution to her problems.  Jeremy also gave her an estimate of the cost to repair the probems.  At the beginning of the process of his inspection, Jeremy respectfully about the status of Mayme's living by herself.  I was very glad he asked, because it shoed he knew she would have to live in a very safe environment for the newxt few years.  I want to express my very special thank you to Jeremy for how he showed so much respect and care to Mayme who was overwhelmed with trying to undersand and deal what she thought was a large amount of money to spend on a basement system.  It was Jeremy's patience and caring for Mayme's feelings that kept her calm as she could be.  This lead to us getting the go-ahead for the contract approval.  I sincerely hope that you will make every effort to recognize Jeremy as one of your finest, and most respectful employees.  You can be assured that if my husband and I ever have the need for your services we will definitely contact you.

- Judy B. of Harlan, IA
Thursday, October 28th
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