PAPILLION, Nebraska - November 1, 2017

Thrasher, Inc., best known in Nebraska and Iowa for fixing leaky basements and failing foundations, will expand to cover Kansas this fall.

Greg Thrasher of Thrasher, Inc. and Danny Morrow of Kansas Basement and Foundation Repair have been long-time friends and industry colleagues. For several years they've operated adjacent territories - Thrasher covering Nebraska, Western Iowa and Northwest Missouri from Omaha, and Kansas Basement and Foundation Repair covering Kansas (excluding the Kansas City metro area) from El Dorado, KS - both as members of the nation's largest network of independent basement waterproofing and foundation repair contractors. With a shared business philosophy and Midwestern roots, they've spent lots of time together over the past twenty years sharing best practices and business ideas. In recent years, the topic of retirement planning came up.

Greg's retirement plan was already in motion. He had several tenured staff members and both of his sons had returned to the business by 2005 after earning college degrees and business experience. By 2015, Greg and his wife Nancy had transferred the day-to-day operational responsibilities to their son Dan and VP of Operations, Nick Rohe. While Greg and Nancy remain involved with employee relations and as a resource for the leadership team, Dan and Nick run the business today.

Danny also had several tenured staff members by this point and knew that he wanted to leave his business in good hands for both his staff and existing customers. As he weighed his options, he knew that Thrasher's business values aligned with his own and that his staff and customers would be taken care of. After months of planning and outlining details for the purchase, the deal was closed on August 1, 2017.

Stepping into a new territory is a natural evolution for Thrasher, a company committed to constant improvement and challenging the status quo.

“The new territory brings new opportunities for both our employees and the customers we serve,” Dan said. “Not only will we serve the Kansas market with the same quality products and service they've enjoyed with Kansas Basement and Foundation Repair, we also plan to create new jobs and opportunities for growth for our employees."

Thrasher hired on all 30 former Kansas Basement and Foundation Repair employees and is in the process of hiring for 5 additional positions in Kansas.

“Kansas Basement and Foundation Repair is Thrasher 15 years ago,” Dan said. "We know the challenges of a growing business because we've been there before. With our experience in growing Thrasher and developing a 150-dealer network with our sister company, Supportworks, we know that we can make an impact in Kansas."

Two months in, Thrasher has already made strides in incorporating the Kansas staff and making adjustments and refinements to daily processes to best serve their customers. “We believe in consistency. Providing a remarkable experience for every customer, every time, is our mission,” Dan said. "We work as a team and are always improving, and look forward to learning and growing together with our team in Kansas.”  

About Thrasher:

Founded in 1975, Thrasher has helped homeowners preserve and improve the value of their homes using proven basement waterproofing and structural repair solutions. Additionally, Thrasher provides concrete leveling and egress window installation; all with industry-leading products, installation techniques and warranties. Thrasher serves Nebraska, Kansas, Western Iowa and Northwest Missouri from its headquarters in Omaha, Neb., Wichita, Kan. and Kansas City, Kan.  For more information, visit  

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