Foundation Repair Case Studies: Water In Basement, Bowing Walls Fixed

Friday, February 6th, 2015


Bowing walls put the structural integrity and safety of this home’s foundation at risk.

Thrasher installed a waterproofing system and helical tiebacks.

Thrasher Foundation Repair installed a waterproofing system in this Prairie Village basement where chronic leaking caused bowed walls and an unsafe foundation.

Bowing walls put the structural integrity and safety of this home's foundation at risk.

Thrasher Foundation Repair installed a waterproofing system and wall anchors.

The owners of this Prairie Village home were experiencing significant problems with water in their basement. Even though three sump pumps were installed in their basement and crawl space, substantial amounts of water collected in those areas every time it rained. When our System Design Specialist visited the home to assess this problem, he discovered another, larger issue – one of the basement walls had bowed inwards nearly 5 inches. Both foundation problems were caused by improper drainage due mainly to the topography of the property.

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for one known problem to create multiple unknown foundation issues. A combination of foundation repair methods might be required to ensure that the structural integrity of your foundation is restored.

Working together, it was determined the right solution to fix the basement waterproofing issue was to install an interior drainage system and a sump pump.

The interior drainage system would be installed at the base of the foundation wall on top of the foundation footing to catch the water right at its entry point.  The homeowner chose a sump pump that included three sump pumps.

Two sump pumps that run off electricity and a battery back up pump.  Since the homeowner would finish the basement, they didn't want to take any chances on their basement getting wet and never wanted to deal with the problem again.

In addition to installing waterproofing and a drainage system, Thrasher Foundation Repair recommended that seven wall anchors be installed to straighten the severely bowed foundation wall. The proven solution was wall anchors exclusively from Supportworks, Inc. permanently stabilizes your foundation wall and, in many cases, can straighten your wall back toward its original position. Heavy-duty earth anchors are embedded in stable soil away from your foundation wall and connected to steel wall plates with long, galvanized rods. Once tightened, the anchors will hold the wall securely in its current position without any further adjustment. However, the system's unique benefit includes the ability to tighten the anchors during dry seasons, meaning you can improve and even completely straighten your walls over time. Wall Anchor Systems are installed year-round, often in less than one day. Restore your property value and enjoy peace of mind right away.

Our Promise is that the wall anchor system will immediately stabilize your foundation walls and permanently protect them against any further movement. The wall anchor solution comes with a 25-year warranty against manufacturing defects and a performance warranty from your local dealer.


Easily concealed during basement finishing projects

Minimal disturbance to the home, lawn, and landscaping

Hide-A-Way ® Wall Anchor Covers, available

Galvanized steel components look great and will never rust

It can be tightened over time to straighten the wall

Experienced team leader and crew were able to install the seven wall anchors within a day. Each team member goes through classroom training and hands-on field training. At Thrasher Foundation Repair, employees have a "whatever it takes" attitude to problem-solving by installing wall anchor systems correct is a must. Production Managers are seasoned experts who coach and stand beside each crew member. After installation and clean-up are done, the team leader will do a final walkthrough with the Prairie Village homeowner, showing what was installed and answering any follow-up questions. 

Prairie Village homeowners received peace of mind knowing their basement walls will not collapse and can be straightened over time. Along with a dry basement, all warranties are transferable to the new homeowner if they choose to move. Whether selecting the wall anchor system to increase the value of your home, restore some peace of mind or improve the overall quality of life, you can­ rest assured that the walls of your home are now permanently stabilized. Now that your walls are stabilized, we can help you keep that peace of mind through our Thrasher Care Club annual maintenance program.