Gutter Installation Case Studies: Gutters Added To Remove All Worry in Wichita, KS

Monday, March 15th, 2021 by Kendra Dunnigan


In 1987, when Kenny and Donna C. purchased their 1970’s home, it became their dream home. Nestled out in the open expanse of central Kansas, this home offered open views of the Kansas prairie. Surrounded by expansive and luxurious farmland, Kenny and Donna settled down with their 6 kids in this secluded part of the country that Donna described as, “God’s country.”

As the years went on, Kenny and Donna took pride and care in their home. An avid gardener, Donna was always known to be updating and tilling her gardening beds with the most beautiful displays of flowers. Kenny would always be tinkering around the house and the yard working to improve their little oasis.

But as time went on, their home would receive damage from the blustering Kansas winds blowing through the flat plains. These winds would cause damage to their plastic gutters. Every time, Kenny, the old farmhand, would just crawl back up the ladder and affix them back up. Every fall, Kenny would be cleaning out the gutters as he took pride in keeping their home in good working order.

Time continued to tick on, but Kenny and Donna kept on tending to their home. Unfortunately, Kenny passed away in 2016 and left Donna alone. Donna wasn’t going to move away. In her own words she stated, “Why would I move away? This is my home.”

Of the 6 children, only two were left able to still care for Donna and the family home. After big rains and windstorms, the children would drive hours to come out and tend to the home. Several times each year, the kids would come out to take care of cleaning out the gutters. But it just was not the same as when Kenny was around.


After some short research, the family discovered that there was a better solution. Simple research showed that not all gutter systems were the same. Many are susceptible to clogging, making them ineffective when you need them the most. If rainwater is not able to flow through the gutter and be diverted away from your home, it will fall to the soil surrounding your foundation, often leading to basement leaks and structural foundation damage.

Thrasher's Gutter Shutter product line with 25-year clog-free warranty was the best fit for Donna. The seamless metal gutters, mounted with sets of screws and not nails, were sturdy enough to withstand the toughest of Kansas winds and the metal hood was the perfect match to ensure that no one would ever have to be on a ladder again. This was one of Donna’s biggest fears, and the hood makes sure that no one would ever be put in the situation to fall and “break their neck.”

Thrasher’s foundation experts were able to design a gutter system that has helped Donna’s peace of mind. Now her gutters are covered under a 25-year warranty to never clog, but also, all downspouts are now buried 10 feet away from her property to prevent any further damage to her foundation.

Roof grit, leaves, pine needles, and other debris were clogging Donna’s gutters, limiting their ability to capture water, rendering them completely useless. The weight of these clogged gutters pulled the previous gutters off Donna’s home. Thrasher’s Gutter Guard was designed to prevent such clogging and ensure that the passage of water is free-flowing.

Thrasher’s professional crew came out and set Donna up with a Gutter Shutter protection system around the entire perimeter of her home. This system consists of two parts: the bottom (trough) and the top (gutter protection). The two-piece design allows both the top and the bottom to be supported by the brackets, making it the most secure and durable gutter system on the market. Now, no longer are her gutters a nuisance. She was ecstatic to have Thrasher’s crew of “sweet boys” come out and take care of her.

But more than just some metal and screws, Donna has regained a sense of independence that her gutters will no longer cause her any more heartache or concern. The Gutter Shutter design always adds great curb appeal to her beautiful garden with a crown molding look and feel, but with sturdy and quality materials and delivering outstanding performance.

Thrasher’s Gutter Protection System

Customers choose seamless gutters from Thrasher for many reasons…from eliminating the hassle of cleaning their gutters with gutter protection, adding value to their homes, eliminating the damage caused by improperly functioning gutters, etc. Donna was able to capitalize on all of these elements and more.

If you have any issues like Donna, and you decide you want to investigate a better water management system, Thrasher Foundation Repair will provide a thorough FREE inspection of your current system.  This inspection includes gutters, gutter guards and downspouts along with looking at your foundation for any possible intrusions. We deliver a same-day, no-obligation estimate with transparent pricing and a copy of our industry-leading warranty.

For more information on how Thrasher Foundation Repair can deliver exceptional results on your home improvement project, give us a call today.