Thank you for your recent work on my home's foundation. I'd like to express my deep appreciation to all who worked on my home - from Josh, who did the assessment and proposed solutions for me last December to Ian, Jose, Jose, Connor and Juan and finally to John and Jason who finished the last two items on Friday and Monday. Angela and Darlene were also very helpful in answering questions over the phone. My thanks to all of you for your timeliness, good communication, hard work, guidance and thoroughness. I always felt that each of you had my best interests at heart and THAT is the hallmark of a well-run business. The results already give me confidence in the soundness of my house for the years I remain here and for the next owner. I appreciated everyone's willingness to answer my questions, and I was impressed with the clear understanding and insight each individual brought to the work they do. The only hitch was Friday morning, when I first heard it raining and ran outside to check the downspouts. I had forgotten to make sure the front downspout was somehow reattached by either your crew or myself. I could only make a precarious, temporary placement. When I called your office about getting a support placed to attach it to, your response was genuine concern (as it was still raining!) and quick action to come by and secure it while I was at work. Again, thank you. Thanks again and best wishes to all the staff at Thrasher!