The Thrasher crew-Kyle L, Josh B and Jeremy S. were very competent. The crew arrived early and worked diligently, finishing the entire project (family room, laundry room, hallway on one level and then kitchen on another) in six hours. They moved furniture, lamps and appliances that I could not. They were careful and considerate. I appreciated how well they did the job, including the careful cutting and fitting around corners. They also took great care to clean up after the install. The parquet flooring apperance is fantastic. The apperance of hardwood fits very well with the paneling and woodwork. The room looks larger and brighter and of course cleaner. The ease of cleanup with my rescue dogs will be such a relief. The kitchen's marble tile look will also be much easier to care for. I have had friends over who were eager to see the results and all have asked for more information. I have run out of business cards!