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First, the sump discharge line should be buried (best case) or extended away from your home into the yard on a downward slope. This gives you the best chance for keeping the small amount of water that accumulates in the discharge pipe flowing.

Another consideration is to keep the end of the discharge line free of snow, ice or debris that would block the flow of water. During severe snow or ice storms, it’s a good practice to make several trips outside to check the line for any blockage.

Even in the middle of winter, your sump pump can extract water into the discharge line, which could freeze and create problems. What you need is a way of guarding your basement and sump pump even if the discharge line is clogged or frozen. There's a better way than schlepping outside in the winter armed with a flashlight and an icepick.

Meet the IceGuard® 

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The patented IceGuard allows water to escape through specially designed perforations, providing a backup, alternative discharge point when pipe terminations are blocked by ice or snow. 

When temperatures rise and the discharge line thaws, the water will automatically run along its main route. There are no valves to turn, hoses to attach, or anything for the homeowner to do at all - it's automatic! Think of it as a Backup Release for your pressurized sump pump water when the discharge line is blocked, allowing you time to unblock the pipe before basement flooding or sump pump burn out can occur. 

If you need more information about getting your home ready for winter, read this post.

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