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In the Midwest, we have either basements or crawlspaces. We need to contain that water to control this water from destroying our living space or storage areas. We do this by directing that water into our sump pits. But where does that water go once it hits our sump pits? Good question.

Once that water enters our pits, our pumps push the water through discharge lines. Our discharge lines are 1.5-inch plastic PVC pipe. The reason behind the 1.5 diameter PVC is small enough to hide in the floor joists. And yet big sufficient to handle large amounts of water being pushed out through our pumps. Also, with the discharge lines being in the floor joist cavities, this allows you to install a finished ceiling if you so desire without any interference. Once the water has traveled through the discharge, it will then be directed outside. Our highly trained sales team or service technicians will choose the best location for the water to be discharged outside. After all, you nor we want that water to come back into sum pits. We need to get that water as far as possible from your foundation.

Once outside, the discharge line gets a 90-degree PVC elbow that's pointing towards the soil. From here, this is where things get interesting. This is where we BEEF up our pipe diameter to 4 inches. This is not done with just some ordinary PVC coupling. No sir! Our IceGuards are a patented state of the art coupling that has very unique features. First of all, they have slated slots in them. That's right. Open slots in them that are open to the outside. I know, what's the purpose of that? Another great question.

What type of weather do we get come winter and early spring here in the Midwest? Cold, correct. When we get freezing weather and water, that water turns into ice. We use 4-inch PVC pipe to help prevent that water from freezing up in our discharge lines as much as possible. This doesn't always keep the discharge lines from freezing, unfortunately. So if the discharge freezes up, how is the water going to get out. IceGuard! You remember those open slots that I was talking about. That's right. If the discharge line is blocked for any reason, the water will begin to back and eventually be forced out through those open slots. If it weren't for IceGuard, the water would be trapped inside the discharge line and then yet burning up your pumps in the process. And then you have a significant problem on your hands. Water coming into your sump pit, a burned-out pump and no way for water to exit. Thanks to our patented state of the art IceGuards, water will always have a way to escape the discharge lines!

Our state-of-the-art sump pump discharge system, IceGuard, ensures an escape for water should your sump pump discharge pipes freeze or become blocked for any reason.


IceGuard Brochure

Read the brochure>>

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