With the spring rains showing no signs of stopping, it's an important time of the year to do some simple maintenance on your sump pump system. If you don't have an annual maintenance package, and aren't a member of Thrasher's Customer Care Club, the three tips below are a good start to ensuring your sump pump system is in good working order.

Clean the Pump Inlet
Most sump pumps will have a small screen that covers the inlet nozzle to the pump. Occasionally, grime and silt can build up on that screen, which limits your pump's ability to draw in water that flows into the sump pit. Cleaning off that inlet screen ensure that your pump isn't overworked.

Check the Pump Power
It may seem to be common sense, but make sure that your pump is plugged in. Because sump pits are often in tucked away basement corners it can be easy to inadvertently unplug the pump when shifting around stored boxes and totes. If you have a batter back-up on your sump pump, ensure that component is drawing a charge as well.

Test Your Sump Pump
If you haven't yet had a good burst of rain, fill your sump pit to a high enough level to activate the float. If the float doesn't activate your sump pump you may need to call in a service tech to double check the pump's condition. If the pump activates, keep an eye on the water level to make sure the pit drains properly.

If you're not overly handy, securing an annual sump pump maintenance package with your system's installer may be the best way to make sure your home stays safe and dry. Thrasher offers two options when it comes to maintenance - our regular annual maintenance package, and the Thrasher Care Club. For more information about our maintenance options, call 800-827-0702 for more details.