In addition to all services we provide to residential customers, Thrasher provides specialized commercial services for existing and new construction.

This was a new construction project for an expansion at Garmin International Industries.

In conjunction with general contractor JE Dunn, Thrasher worked on the addition of a mezzanine to expand administrative space in Garmin’s existing building. To support the weight of the addition, Thrasher installed new interior columns and added weight capacity (WC), or working load (WL), to existing columns. In addition, we strengthened and underpinned the affected perimeter foundation and exterior columns.

Thrasher completed the first of 2 phases of this project within a relatively tight production schedule. In approximately 30 days, 145 piers were installed.

Thrasher installed 14 new interior columns. Each column required a WC of 120,000 psi. To achieve this, 3 helical pulldown micropiles were installed to create the individual columns. Each micropile, or helical pier, had a WC of 40,000 psi.

Fourteen existing interior columns needed an additional 160,000 psi WL. Thrasher installed 3 helical piers per column.

Six new exterior columns, each of which needed additional WC of 120,000 psi, were also installed. Three resistance piers with WC of 42,000 psi each were installed to every column. A new supplemental footing was added to the existing foundation and underpinned with the 3 piers. Eight existing columns needed additional WC of 150,000 psi, which was met by installing 3  resistance piers with 55,000 psi WC.

Six helical piers were installed to support an elevator shaft in the building.

Thirteen resistance piers were installed at the perimeter to underpin the affected foundation.

Olathe Foundation Piering – Excavation around existing column for installation of resistance pier.
Excavation has been completed around an existing column for installation of 3 helical pulldown micropiles.
Olathe Foundation Piering – Resistance Pier Installation
Installing resistance pier.