The Bill Snyder Family Football Stadium at Kansas State University (KSU) in Manhattan, KS underwent renovations, including the expansion of the seating area into a piece of land with a large hill and steep grade. The hill would need to be removed to make room for the expansion while the current structure directly next to the site needed to be left undisturbed and completely supported during construction. Due to the overall scale of the entire project, there were multiple contractors on the site requiring strict adherence to scheduling.  


Longfellow Foundations partnered with Thrasher to complete the shotcrete portion of the project. This required cutting into the side of a 30-foot-tall hill to allow construction directly next to the current football stadium seating area. Working together, Longfellow Foundations installed grouted soil nails while Thrasher encased the grouted soil nails with #5 rebar (8 tons), steel mesh, strip drains and 144 yards of shotcrete for a total wall area of 3,300 square feet. The shotcrete wall was installed in multiple five-foot lifts.   Through constant coordination between Thrasher, Longfellow and other contractors, the project was completed on time in a total of three weeks. 

commercial application shotcrete structural repair
View of the project.
commercial application shotcrete structural repair
View of the project.

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