A leak in the sprinkler system caused this office building to settle.

Excessive water can have a very detrimental effect on a structure’s foundation.

The owners of this office building contacted Thrasher when they were remodeling two suites along the south wall. When the carpet was pulled up, large cracks and sloping in the concrete floor were exposed.  The owner’s originally thought that mudjacking the slab floor was all that would be needed to fix the problem.  Our Thrasher field consultant conducted an inspection and evaluation, and determined that the front of the building had settled approximately 1½”.  An additional inspection revealed that the sprinkler system around the building was leaking approximately 200 to 300 gallons of water per day in this area.

Thrasher's engineering team designed a repair plan utilizing 16 Atlas resistance piers to lift the south wall of the building back into place.

Too much water around your foundation can cause major structural damage. Thrasher provides interior and exterior waterproofing and drainage system solutions for homes and businesses.

Thrasher completed the project in 4 days without interrupting the daily operations of the tenants in the building, allowing the remodeling project to resume and be completed on schedule.

overland park commercial piering project
Cracks have been tuckpointed over the years, showing consistent movement.
overland park excavation for resistance piers
Excavation of the areas in which resistance piers will be installed has been completed.