Damage caused by foundation settlement included visible cracks in the floor, walls and fireplace.

Thrasher Foundation Repair was hired to repair this Boy Scouts of America lodge headquarters to ensure the safety of the structure.

This 4,200-acre reservation welcomes nearly 7,000 scouts and 3,000 leaders every summer. Our Thrasher field consultant was concerned that there could be issues with rock when he first conducted a site visit. His concern was due to obvious outcropping and rock bits on the soil, as well as his knowledge of the local area. We therefore conducted a soils investigation before starting the foundation repair. Cobbles and boulders within the clay soil matrix were found to an approximate depth of 8 to 10 feet. This necessitated pre-drilling through the rock using specialized confined-space rock drilling equipment.

In addition to performing rock drilling, we are skilled in the installation of other more specialized products such as grouted micropiles and helical pulldown piles for both foundation repair and new construction.

Thrasher lifted the perimeter foundation and interior fireplace up to 1.5” with 16 resistance piers. This lift and stabilization restored the levelness of the repair area, reduced structural stresses to the foundation, floors and roof, and brought the building within code and engineering limits.

Osceola Foundation Settlement – Foundation settlement caused cracks in interior spaces.
Foundation settlement caused cracks in interior spaces.
Osceola Foundation Repair – Rock drilling to prep for resistance piers installation.
Rock drilling to prep for installation of resistance piers.