This 3-story office building in Overland Park had settled to the point that a window cracked.

Thrasher received a call from a local engineering company to assist in designing a plan to correct the  foundation settlement problems.

The construction of this building was very unique and required the use of many different types of piers for both inside and outside installation.  The inside installation process had to be done after hours, and all of the debris and dust had to be contained because the area where the piers were installed was a medical treatment facility.

Thrasher has over 70 different types and sizes of piers to choose from when designing your foundation repair project.

Thrasher installed 46 piers, of 5 different types, in 3 weeks’ time, allowing a portion of the 3-story building to be lifted over 2 inches.

Overland Park Foundation Piering Before – Exterior of the 3-story office building prior to repair.
Exterior of the 3-story office building prior to repair.
Overland Park foundation piering case study – Atlas AP2-PP2-3500 resistance piers installed.
Resistance piers after installation.

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