The floor needed to be leveled before proceeding with construction of an addition.

Slabjacking is a great solution for slab homes and commercial buildings where the interior slab has settled.

Thrasher Foundation Repair was contacted by RTI Engineers and the Blue Springs R-4 School District to lift and level the gym and kitchen area of John Nowlin Elementary School. This project included the installation of a combination of resistance piers for the exterior foundation and interior slab piers to support the slab floors. The building had settled approximately 2-1⁄4 inches in the worst areas. It needed to be lifted back to the original elevation because the school was building another gym attached to this part of the building.

Installing slab piers is a permanent means of supporting structural and non-structural slabs that have settled.

Thrasher Foundation Repair installed a total of 67 helical slab piers on this project to achieve the lift and result that was needed.

Installing slab piers to level gymnasium floor.
Installing slab piers to level gymnasium floor.