The rear patio of this residence had sunk, making big steps for the homeowner and his best friend.

Mudjacking reversed the concrete settlement, raising the patio back to level.

The owners of this Olathe home were experiencing concrete settlement, a frequent problem in the Kansas City metro area.  In this case, the rear patio of the home had dropped over 3”, making for a large step down for the owner and his dog.  The wooden steps were removed, the patio was raised back up to its original position, and the steps were put back in place. Half the fun of highlighting this project is in the photo – we don’t often see steps for “Fido”.

Unfortunately, it’s pretty typical in the Kansas City area to experience concrete settlement.  Most companies are not able to do larger jobs behind homes because of material limitations or access.  Thrasher Foundation Repair saved the day (and a lot of money) for this happy family.

Fortunately, with the specialized pump designs that Thrasher utilizes, raising concrete in hard-to-reach locations is something we specialize in and something many of our competitors can’t do.

This Olathe mudjacking job allowed us to make this patio more livable for humans and pets, alike!
Note the height of the steps (with bricks) under the pet door, prior to mudjacking.
Here's the after for this Olathe mudjacking job.
The same steps are at the proper height without the bricks after mudjacking.

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