Thrasher Foundation Repair raised this patio with brick overlay using our polyjacking system.

The large patio was lifted and repaired without removing bricks.

These Overland Park homeowners called us because their back patio had settled 4 to 5 inches. The settlement of the patio was causing water to leak into the basement, and the step leading out into the back yard was becoming a hazard.

We had initially planned to use our mudjacking system for the patio. However, after the foreman arrived on site, he determined that polyjacking would be a better approach due to the size and construction of the patio.

The patio was lifted back to its original position, and no bricks had to be removed.

These satisfied customers have now used Thrasher on 3 different types of foundation repair related projects.

Before: Overland Park polyjacking – note that steps have pulled away from the house, sinking several inches below the top of trim.
Before: The step has pulled away from the house and sunk several inches below the top of the trim.
The step and patio has been raised to the original level.
The step and patio has been raised to the original level.

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