Wing walls play a very important role as their attachment to structural elements like bridges or building foundations is essential.  Like a retaining wall, a wing wall holds back the soil on one side, facilitating a change in elevation.

Sloping sites often incorporate wing walls into their building foundations. The wing walls are built as extensions of the building foundation on the downhill side of the structure. They hold back the soil to create open lawn area outside a walkout basement providing addition yardage to a home or building.

Bridge wing walls are a little different than building wing walls in that there are usually four - a pair at each end - extending at an angle from the ends of the bridge. The four wing walls of a bridge are essential parts of the bridge foundation. When the bridge spans a waterway, the wing walls protect the roadway on either side of the bridge from erosion by directing water under the span. This makes for a safe passage across the bridge for all who cross.

Common Poured Concrete Wing Walls

Reinforced poured concrete is typically the material of choice for wing walls attached to bridges or buildings.  For these types of wing walls, well-engineered steel reinforcement, good drainage, and solid footing are crucial construction details.  In other applications, wing walls are sometimes composed of landscape ties or interlocking CMUs (concrete masonry units).

Wing Wall Repairs Demand Engineered Solutions

A masonry wing wall can crack and be pushed away from the slope by soil pressure just like any type of retaining wall. This structural damage is obvious in a CMU wing wall because individual concrete blocks will be displaced or pushed out of the wall.

No matter what type of damage your wing wall has undergone, an experienced foundation repair contractor should complete the repair. Rather than demolish and rebuild the wall, a foundation repair contractor may be able to complete more affordable, permanent repairs by driving steel anchors through tilting wall sections and into the soil. Improved drainage, other site work, and this excellent engineered solution will usually restore a wing wall. This eliminates the need for more expensive demolition and reconstruction work by permanently solving the problem.

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