If unexpected conditions are encountered on your project, Thrasher has the adaptability and expertise to develop and implement alternate solutions.

This residence was only 9 years old, and was showing signs of foundation settling in certain areas. At the time of construction, the homeowner had purchased a 10-year warranty that covered settlement. After our field consultant’s initial assessment that installing 23 resistance piers would be the best solution to the problem, the homeowner contacted the warranty company, who sent a third-party engineer to the home to analyze the situation. The engineer concurred with Thrasher's diagnosis of the problem and our recommended repair plan.

As the project start date approached, the homeowner noticed further signs of damage in the house. Our field consultant again shot elevations and noted that additional movement had occurred in adjacent areas of the home in a short period of time. Based on these findings, Thrasher recommended installing 11 additional piers. The warranty engineer again agreed with our recommendations.

“Thrasher was very professional. I was kept informed throughout the entire project. The cleanliness was exceptional, and follow up was done on all aspects of the project from beginning to end.” – Daniel I., homeowner

Basement foundations on a 2-story home are typically 8 to 9 feet; garage foundations are typically 4 feet buried below grade. When our foreman began excavating, he discovered that the foundation of the garage was 9 feet below grade all the way around. This required us to quickly modify the engineered installation plan to account for the greatly increased weight of the extra soil and concrete. In order to attain the desired lift, tighter pier spacing and greater capacity was required in certain areas. The warranty company’s engineer agreed with our assessment and recommendations. For peace of mind, the homeowner requested that Thrasher install 5 additional piers on a section of the house that had not settled, and that wasn’t covered by his warranty. Thus, the whole foundation perimeter was piered, protecting the entire foundation permanently.

Even with the repair design modifications, discovery challenges, and the installation of additional piers requested by the homeowner, the project stayed on schedule. The completed project was a success – the foundation lifted close to 3 inches in the worst areas.

Overland Park Residential Foundation Repair
The steps will be removed and the surrounding soil excavated so that resistance piers can be installed under the front stoop.
Overland Park Porch Excavation
The prep work has been completed; lift brackets are being placed prior to pier installation. The excavated areas were filled in and the concrete steps and affected area of the sidewalk were replaced upon project completion.

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