Baseboard Gap Between Concrete Slab Floor Caused By Settling, Repaired

New pressure-grouted micro-piles installed, including the use of 13-cubic yards of material.

This homeowner in Kansas City – referred to Thrasher Foundation Repair by one of our former customers – contacted us about a gap that was developing between the baseboard and the slab floor in their lower level bathroom. The affected area of the home has an elevated slab floor and is built over fill dirt. The homeowner had drawings from when the house was originally built that showed the floor as a structural slab supported at the columns by concrete piers. After taking elevations, our field consultant confirmed that there was a 3⁄4-inch differential settlement at the lowest column, which explained the developing gap in the bathroom.

The nature of the connection between the slab floor and concrete piers ruled out mudjacking as a possible solution, and the presence of rocks in the fill material ruled out helical piers. After also determining that there was limited workspace and discovering voids under the floor, we recommended installing new pressure-grouted micro-piles.

The foundation repair process began by shoring up the I-beams and removing three existing columns, then exposing one pier without a column. The concrete floor over the piers was chipped away, exposing the rebar and leaving it intact where structurally required by engineering, but separating the floor from the piers. A manned portable drill rig was brought in to drill through the center of the concrete piers and into sustainable bedrock. Neat cement injected under high pressure through the center of the drill rod created a grout column around the drill rod.

After the new piers and columns were installed and prior to the floor being poured back, the voids under the slab were filled and the slab lifted with low-pressure mudjacking. The void fill and slab lift took 13 cubic yards of material to complete. The columns/I-beam and floor settlement were restored to the original elevation, the construction debris was cleaned up, and we left with a very happy customer.

Kansas City home foundation repair case study – Portable drill rig is used to drill through existing pier into sustainable bedrock.
Portable drill rig is used to drill through existing pier into sustainable bedrock.
Kansas City home foundation repair case study – New columns and piers have been installed.
New columns and piers have been installed.

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