This house had settled to the front 3 inches.

Installing piers on 3 perimeter walls lifted the foundation back to its original elevation.

This Lee’s Summit residence was settling to the front approximately 3 inches, causing major cracks throughout the drywall, brick and foundation.

Even though the repair was very extensive, the customer was very pleased with the level of professionalism, expertise, quality and customer service we provided.

The foundation repair required piering the entire house except for the back foundation wall. Thrasher installed 25 piers (21 resistance and 4 helical) to stabilize and lift the entire front of the house back to level.  Once we lifted the foundation, we mudjacked the entire basement and garage floor to fill the hollow space created during the lifting process.  After the lifting of the home, we also waterproofed the foundation cracks utilizing epoxy injection on the interior and sealing the exterior with HLM 5000 (an elastomeric waterproofing membrane product).

lee's summit residential piering
The settlement issues of this beautiful Lee’s Summit home aren’t readily apparent from the exterior.
lee's summit residential foundation piering
Two of the 21 resistance piers have been installed in the basement of this Lee’s Summit home.