This Leavenworth house was built above a crawl space with cinder block walls; one wall was beginning to collapse.

Thrasher’s foundation repair crews are skilled at working in crawlspaces and other confined areas.

Thrasher presented our customer with two repair options:  install vertical wall restraints (steel beams) or helical tiebacks with C-channels.  C-channels are used mainly on block walls, or walls that are broken horizontally, to support the entire wall when necessary. Although installing the tiebacks was slightly more expensive, the customer chose this option because of the warranty offered with the tieback system.

Due to the limited access in the crawlspace, the crew needed to install the tiebacks from outside the home.  The project was completed on schedule, even though the crew had to perform the work in below-freezing temperatures.

The wall was brought back into a plumb position; our customer was very happy with the result.

Leavenworth, KS tieback installation
A trench was excavated so that the tiebacks could be installed from the exterior.
Leavenworth, KS tiebacks with C-channels
The tiebacks and C-channels have been installed on the cinder block crawlspace wall.

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