CarbonFiber_Tiebacks_Resources PageCarbon-fiber-reinforced polymer (most commonly referred to as simply “carbon fiber”) is a lightweight, stiff, high-strength material. It has proven to be so useful for construction projects that it is used to improve load capacities on bridges and add earthquake protection to existing structures. The lightweight properties of this process ensure that the aesthetic integrity of the project is not compromised, while the high-strength properties ensure that the stability of the structure is increased.

After filling in any cracks, an epoxy is used as an adhesive to coat the wall along the place where support is needed. Carbon fiber strips are then applied over the epoxy, with a final layer of epoxy applied once the carbon fiber is set in place for better adherence to the wall. This process is then repeated as many times as it takes until the structure is fully supported. Once the final layer has dried and set, the whole thing can be painted over to match the rest of the surrounding project.

Learn of Thrasher Foundation Repair's  approach to crack repair solutions.

Epoxy adhesive applied to prepare for carbon fiber installation - Carbon fiber strips being applied

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