Interior Basement Waterproofing in Olathe, KS

This homeowner was experiencing problems with water in her basement, and the noticed a musty smell start to develop. After looking around for who could help her, she gave us a call for a free estimate.

We sent System Design Specialist Jimmy Hungerford to inspect the basement and determine where the water was getting in, as well as where the smell was coming from. Jimmy found that water was coming in the because of hydrostatic pressure against the foundation wall. The pressure forced water into cracks and weak spots in the foundation. The water then traveled through the drywall and onto the floor which also caused mold to grow behind the homeowner's drywall. Jimmy discussed the problem with the homeowner then demonstrated what solutions would fix this, and the homeowner couldn't wait to see what her finished product would look like. Our team used a TripleSafe Sump Pump System as well as WaterGuard Interior Drainage System and CleanSpace Vapor Barrier to give water a proper drainage path and to seal off the moisture in the air. These systems will also help to prevent water from pooling in the basement in the future, as well as prevent mold from growing in the drywall. 

The homeowner was quite pleased with her new waterproofing systems. Check out her new interior basement systems!

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