Basement Drainage System in Andover, KS

Stephanie S. is a homeowner in Andover, KS, and was becoming increasingly more frustrated with the water issues in her basement. She had contacted multiple companies for solutions, but none of them were effective or solved the problem. After viewing our reputation and process, she was confident that Thrasher would provide the permanent solution her home needed.

To begin the waterproofing project, our System Design Specialist Brad Painchaud arrived at the home in Andover and performed a full inspection. After discussing possible solutions, Stephanie opted to have Thrasher install our WaterGuard basement drainage system and TripleSafe sump pump to replace the old one. WaterGuard is an interior installation and doesn’t require any excavation of the outside soil. It’s designed to capture the water at the cold joints in the foundation of the home and carry it to the sump pump to be released outside.

Stephanie was thrilled with our waterproofing solutions and to finally have the confidence she needed in her home. After the first few rainstorms and no water issues in the basement, she was thankful that she could rely on Thrasher for a permanent solution.

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